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Summer is definitely fly season. We see a wide variety of flies outside and inside our homes during the summer months. But flies can be a problem all year long. Let's look at some of the ways fly infestations can begin and talk about year-long prevention.

The House Fly(summer fly)

Houseflies are common. That is why they are often called common house flies. They are the dark gray, oval-shaped flies that buzz around in your kitchen and land on your sandwiches. These little pests aren't just gross, they are capable of communicating over 65 diseases. So it is best to not have them around.

You may think that hanging up some sticky strips will be enough to fix your infestation, but this rarely works. You need to find the source those flies are breeding in and remove it from your property. It could be an open trash can with old trash in it. It could be a piece of rotting fruit your child left in the yard. It could be dog feces in your dog's outdoor play area. There are many locations that can be conducive to fly reproduction.

Once you've found the source, it is a good idea to do an inspection of your exterior and seal any entry points you find. While flies can get in through an open door, they aren't able to easily reproduce inside your home. They need rotting organic matter, and the smell of rotting things tends to get taken care of quickly in most homes. So the flies hatching outside are finding a way in through a damaged screen, a hole in a window or door frame, a broken seal around pipes, damaged door sweeps, gaps in weatherstripping, etc. Patch these up to keep house flies and other flies out during the summer months.

The Cluster Fly (fall fly)

While cluster flies can't live inside our homes, they do get in during the fall months when temperatures drop outside. One interior place they tend to get in most is attic spaces. This has led some to call them attic flies. You can use these tips to keep them out of your home.

  • Do a detailed check of your roofline and seal any gaps you find.
  • Check the seal around roof penetrations and fix holes.
  • Inspect your chimney flashing and seal things up. If you have a stack on the side of your home, inspect it for gaps and seal them.
  • Sealing the locations listed for house flies will keep these flies out as well.

The Fruit Fly (winter fly)

You can have a fruit fly infestation any time of the year, but we put this in the winter category because it is uniquely able to infest your home in winter because it is a hitchhiking pest. When you go to the grocery store and buy fruits and vegetables, you can accidentally bring these flies home.

  • Store fruits and vegetables in the fridge.
  • Refrain from putting fruits out for display on your table.
  • If fruit flies appear in your home, don't lay bowls of apple cider vinegar out for them. While you can kill some of them with this method, most will get a drink and find the sustenance they need to survive and reproduce.

Drain Fly (spring fly)

You can have trouble with drain flies all year long, but they are especially troublesome during the spring. These small moth-like flies get into drains to feed on rotting organic matter and lay their eggs in gelatinous material. When a batch hatches in your kitchen drain, it can become frustrating quickly. Large numbers can be produced.

  • Clean your garbage disposal and make sure things are running smoothly through your pipes.
  • Repair any damaged pipes.
  • Address any areas of overflow in your kitchen or bathroom drains.

In spring, summer, fall, or winter, contact Big Blue Bug Solutions for assistance with fly infestations. We use Integrated Pest Management (IPM) to deal with pest problems, like fly infestations. IPM is the greener, smarter way to control pests. Reach out to us today for assistance with this and other pest problems in New England. We're here to help.

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