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Does Your RI Property Show Signs Of Termites?

ri termite infestation

Did you know that termites are responsible for billions of dollars in damage each year? It’s true and unfortunately termites are present in Rhode Island and parts of New England. Another point in their favor, they are masters at avoiding detection and destroy wood from the inside out. Learn how to identify the signs of termites and you could prevent serious termite damage from occurring in your home!

The best way to spot a termite infestation according to the Rhode Island pest control company, Big Blue Bug Solutions is to look for:

  • Mud tubes
  • Termite swarms
  • Wood damage

Termites are not just found in wood. The most common species of termite found in New England and throughout the country is the subterranean termite, which actually lives underground. The most likely culprit of a termite colony will actually be underground on your property, not inside your home nesting in wood. So how do they get inside from their underground colony?

A series of mud tubes that run under the soil are the means of transportation for subterranean termites and the first way to spot a termite infestation. These mud tubes can go quite far too because even a colony on your neighbor’s property could result in your home becoming infested with termites.

Another clear indication of termites present on or near your property is to spot a termite swarm. Swarms usually take place in the early spring when the winged reproductive termites are released from the colony in an attempt to find a mate and form a new colony. Many do not make this journey so you will likely see the result of fallen wings and even dead termites. If you see discarded wings near doors, windows and light fixtures inside your home, then you already have a problem!

The last sign of a termite infestation is also the hardest one: wood damage. Although we always associate termites with wood damage it is actually very hard to detect until it is too late.

As mentioned above, termites work from the inside out and over a period of time they can cause significant damage to the structure of your home including:

  • sagging windows and doors
  • squishy or warped floors or ceilings
  • buckling wood
  • small holes in wood

If you live in Providence or elsewhere in Rhode Island, Massachusetts or Eastern Connecticut and have noticed any of the above signs of termites, contact Big Blue Bug Solutions right away! You can be sure that our effective termite solutions will get rid of termites on your property and prevent future problems from occurring.