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Prevent Ticks From Spreading Lyme Disease

tick on grass in rhode island

You’ve probably heard by now that this year is expected to be a bad one for ticks. Due to the mild winter and the early start to spring across much of New England, many pests are out early and they are not showing signs of letting up anytime soon. Unfortunately in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and throughout our region, deer ticks are prevalent and are the type of tick that is known to transmit Lyme disease to humans and animals through a bite. In order to raise awareness of the dangers of ticks including Lyme disease, May has been designated as Lyme Disease Awareness Month.

In order to avoid tick bites while hiking or even spending time in the backyard, the RI pest control professionals at Big Blue Bug Solutions have put together a few prevention tips.  Further down, you’ll also find instructions on how to inspect you and your family members for ticks.  

How to prevent ticks:

  • wear light-colored clothing that covers all of your skin
  • apply a repellent that contains DEET which helps to ward off ticks
  • walk in the middle of paths when in heavily wooded or tall grassy areas, ticks will be waiting on the sidelines
  • keep your animals treated with effective tick treatments that can be purchased at your local vet's office
  • keep your own lawn mowed regularly to avoid tall grass
  • always do a tick check when you get back inside

How to perform a tick check:

  1. take clothing off and place it into the bathtub so that any ticks will not be able to get away
  2. use a full-length mirror or hand-held mirror to look over your entire body for any dark spots that could be ticks
  3. run your fingers over your scalp and feel for any lumps on your head
  4. use a fine-toothed comb and brush through your hair if it’s long
  5. shake out clothing and look closely for any ticks
  6. place clothing right into the wash to kill any ticks that may have been hiding

Share these tick-prevention methods with your friends and family so that everyone can stay protected from the effects of a tick bite this year. Lyme disease has already left many feeling sick with flu-like symptoms, a rash, joint pain, and neurological problems in some cases. Frequent and regular tick inspections are one of the only ways to avoid a tick problem and Lyme disease.

For those living in Rhode Island as well as parts of Massachusetts and Connecticut, if you are concerned about ticks on your property, contact Big Blue Bug Solutions right away! Regular home pest control services are the best way to prevent ticks from getting onto your property.