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Carpenter Ants Damage Homes In RI And New England

large black ants in new england

Each year as the weather begins to heat up there are many new pest problems for Rhode Island and New England homeowners to be concerned about. Ants are one of those pests that may seem like a harmless pest problem but there are some species of ants like the carpenter ant that can leave you with major issues. Not only are all ant species a nuisance but they can be very tricky to get rid of due to their large colonies.  

Carpenter ants are known to leave extensive structural damage if they have a chance to get into your home. Although their colonies are typically outside in decaying wood these pests will have no problem traveling indoors to excavate in your home. Wood such as flooring, walls, or furniture are all susceptible to carpenter ant infestations. Carpenter ants do destroy wood but they do not eat it like termites, instead they carve through the wood with their mouthparts to create galleries for nesting.

Like many pests carpenter ants can be tricky to identify. The best way to identify an carpenter ant infestation in or near your home is to check outside in moist, decaying wood for an ant colony. This is where they favor having nests. But if you do start to notice signs of wood destruction inside including small holes and piles of sawdust then you should call in your local pest control company to help you control the ants.

Store bought ant sprays are not going to be effective for carpenter ant infestations because of the nature of their colonies. The wood that they infest has galleries which makes it hard to reach sprays to every hole where they are nesting. Also, the use of chemicals without a professional can be dangerous.

If you are living in Providence, Shrewsbury, or elsewhere in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, or Eastern Connecticut and you believe that carpenter ants are causing destruction in your home then it is time to contact Big Blue Bug Solutions for our professional carpenter ant control solutions that will leave you ant free now and in the future.