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Common Summer Pests In New England

a wasp on a leaf in rhode island

Just as we get our homes opened for the spring and summer, in come the warm weather pests. Anyone who lives in the northern states of New England knows very well that our warm weather season is short lived and so it must be thoroughly enjoyed. But it’s hard to enjoy cookouts or outside activities if your home is being invaded by common summer pests such as mosquitoes, yellow jackets, ticks and fleas. Here is a guide to the common summer pests and how you can avoid them.

Summer Pest Threats

Mosquitoes leave itchy, red welts and are known to carry and transmit several diseases. These insects breed in areas where there is standing water, which means your property could be a target of the mosquito masses.

Yellow jackets can leave a painful sting and they can sting multiple times. The venom of stinging insects can lead to severe allergic reactions in some people, landing them in the emergency room.

Ticks in the area are known to carry Lyme disease, which leaves many humans and even their pets feeling ill with flu-like symptoms and even more severe neurological problems. Ticks are often hiding in wooded areas or in tall grass and they can easily go unnoticed if you do not check for them.

Fleas are a common summer pest capable of leaving you and your cats and dogs with itchy bites. These little hopping bugs can make your life miserable if they do get into your home. And remember, even if you don’t own pets, you could still have a flea problem.

Prevent Summer Pests

  • Remove stagnant water from your property to avoid mosquitoes breeding.
  • Inspect your property for any nests or hives that may belong to stinging insects. These can be found in trees, bushes, shrubs and even on the exterior of your home.
  • Keep your grass mowed and follow these tips to prevent ticks from spreading Lyme disease.
  • Make sure your pets are treated with effective tick and flea treatments, which can be purchased at your local veterinarian’s office.
  • Vacuum your home regularly to avoid the spread of fleas.

If preventative measures alone are not working and you are finding yourself in a summer pest crisis in Rhode Island or parts of Massachusetts and Connecticut, simply call the experts in home pest control at Big Blue Bug Solutions. Our pest solutions for homes are designed to effectively get rid of existing pests and prevent new problems from occurring so you can get back to enjoying your summer season, pest-free!