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The Ultimate Guide To Successful Ant Removal In Portland

Odorous house ant

The majority of ants species are social creatures that construct large colonies (nests) in outdoor settings. In residential neighborhood environments, ants might form their colonies around the foundation of structures, in lawns and gardens, or along driveways. Among the most prevalent species in the Portland region are carpenter ants. odorous house ants, pavement ants, Pharaoh ants, and several others.

Has your home been invaded by ants? After initial intrusions, these problems can quickly expand and soon become unmanageable; therefore, immediately seeking help from a pest control professional is strongly encouraged. An experienced provider of residential ant control in Portland employs technicians who are familiar with the behavior of these undesirable pests and will create a specialized treatment plan. That’s why we only work with the best of the best technicians here at Big Blue Bug Solutions. 

The Habits Of Common Ants

Many of the types of ants that form colonies near homes spend a considerable amount of time seeking sources of food and water. Unfortunately, sometimes these foraging insects will find their way inside and soon begin entering in droves. Ants generate pheromone chemicals that act as communication signals with other colony members.

Can ants bite you? The majority of ants that invade structures in the Portland region are deemed as being nuisance pests. Although some species could bite humans, incidents are rare.

Should You Kill Ants You See Inside?

Responding to ant invasions by simply killing those you encounter inside your home represents a short-term method of stopping ants rather than a viable solution. Ant colonies are usually very large, and eliminating those members currently inside your home is a remedial measure that fails to target the source of the problem.

Ants And Food: How To Prevent Infestations By Limiting Access

What are some of the most effective preventative measures for ants? Property owners in the Portland area should review these ant prevention tips:

  • Limit access to trash bags containing food scraps both indoors and outdoors by placing them in garbage cans with functioning lids.
  • Regularly inspect, repair, or replace any torn window screens that ants might use to enter the home.
  • If openings exist below entry doors, install sweeps along the bases to prevent access.
  • Identify any voids, cracks, or other crevices around the exterior area of the foundation and fill them with a water-resistant sealant.

As the aforementioned list suggests, those who effectively prevent problems with ants in Portland adopt a comprehensive, multi-faceted approach. Here, homeowners will avoid attracting ants to the exterior area, keep the interior clean, and implement exclusionary measures when needed. Those who find themselves facing a substantial infestation should immediately contact a professional for home pest control solutions for ants.

Professional Assistance: Vital To Total Ant Control

Which of the home ant control products are the most effective? Too many homeowners in the Portland region try taking matters into their own hands by obtaining mass-marketed, do-it-yourself ant control options sold in local retail stores. In the majority of cases, these traps, sprays, or baiting stations create only mediocre results that prove insufficient against larger numbers of invading ants.

Property owners who are frustrated by these creatures should promptly contact a trained professional regarding  customized ant removal services . The local experts with Big Blue Bug Solutions have decades of experience in the realm of residential ant control here in Portland. Our well-trained service professionals thoroughly assess the property, as needed to accurately determine the extent of the intrusion, likely points of entry, and the colony location.

Although our specialists prioritize efficiency, we will not compromise the safety of our customers, their pets, or the physical environment. We encourage residents of Portland who are struggling with ants or other types of home-invading creatures to contact our office today regarding an onsite inspection.