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Don't Let Ants In Connecticut Live Rent-Free Inside Your Home

Ant infestation

While most ants are relatively harmless, few creatures cause the problems of these tiny insects. They can fit through cracks and crevices in your home and alert others in their colony when food and water sources are available. Their nests house thousands, resulting in endless invasions.

Residents may not be able to get a handle on ants, but you can take steps to prevent them. Additionally, professional ant control in Connecticut can remove the pests and keep them from returning. Read further to learn about these insects and how the experts can protect you.

How Ants Find Their Way Into Our Homes

Ants are some of the tiniest pests that invade Connecticut homes. Their size enables them to fit through cracks and crevices, providing more entry points than most animals can use. Closing these spaces can reduce infestations, so residents should know where ants enter. Some of the ways ants get into our homes include:

  • Crawling through gaps around windows, doors, and vents.
  • Entering through cracks in your walls.
  • Infiltrating spaces in your foundation.
  • Traveling inside through your floors.

Whether the intruders threaten your home and family depends on the type of ants. Many are only nuisances, contaminating food and surfaces, but others can cause structural damage or health threats. Regardless, they're difficult to remove without professional help.

Should You Kill Ants You See Inside?

The initial reaction when most people see ants in their homes is to crush them. While this is tempting, it won't solve your problem and can worsen the infestation. Ants live in colonies that number in the thousands, and the first ones into your home leave a trail for others to follow. When you crush the ants in your house, they exude pheromones that provide the trail.

Another reason killing the ants in your house won't solve your problem is that thousands exist in the nest. If you don't treat the colony, they'll continue entering through the tiny cracks and crevices in your walls. No matter how many you eliminate, they'll keep invading your home.

Calling professionals to end your infestation is more effective than crushing the ants in your house. We'll find the nest, discover possible entry points, and determine the best ant pest control treatments.

Six Simple Ways To Deter Ants On Your Own

Ant infestations are challenging to end once they begin. The only way to stop the insects from entering is to have professionals eliminate the colony. Fortunately, removing attractants can deter these pests from invading your home. Six ant prevention tips for your Connecticut property include:

  1. Fix moisture issues in your home.
  2. Clean up crumbs and spills from surfaces.
  3. Store your food in airtight containers.
  4. Remove garbage from your home regularly.
  5. Move wood piles away from your house.
  6. Cut tree branches and excess vegetation.

In addition to these tips, you can find and seal tiny cracks or crevices in your exterior. However, these pests can enter through several entry points, so keeping them out can be close to impossible. When ants get into your home, you'll need help from professionals to get them out.

What's The Most Effective Way To Get Rid Of Ants?

Connecticut residents can find over-the-counter ant sprays that claim to be effective against infestations. While these products can eliminate the ants in your house, they don't treat the nest. As a result, you'll have to continue using the product on the thousands of ants that follow. The more effective way to end an infestation is to call professionals.

At Big Blue Bug Solutions, our ant removal experts will inspect your house to identify the species, attractants, and possible entry points. We'll eliminate those in your house and back at the nest, preventing others from entering. Call us if ants are crawling around your Connecticut home.