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Squirrel Control Made Simple For Connecticut Residents

Squirrel in winter

Squirrels are small rodents that scurry up trees near homes. Most residents see them as harmless creatures, eating nuts or seeds and getting dogs to chase them. However, they can be beneficial for the environment as well as troublesome when they invade Connecticut properties.

Preventing these animals from invading your yard and attic enables you to avoid the problems they cause. But you’ll need assistance from professional squirrel removal in Connecticut when they find entry. Read on for the benefits of squirrels, the problems they cause, and how to keep them out of your home.

The Role Squirrels Play In Our Environment

Squirrels are unique creatures, helping the environment while simultaneously causing problems on properties. Interestingly, the benefits they provide to the environment are accidental. Numerous types of squirrels live in Connecticut, eating nuts and seeds. They sometimes bury these seeds and search for them later.

When squirrels bury seeds and return for them, they often forget their location, enabling new plant life to grow. This process is known as caching and changes the composition of forests, expanding their footprints and varying the types of trees in the area.

These habits mainly help the ecosystem but can also impact developed areas because trees are essential for living creatures. Squirrels can accidentally plant new trees where needed, providing animals with natural habitats and residents with fresh air.

The Impact Of Squirrels On Attics And Roofs: Repair And Prevention

Squirrels climb trees to access roofs and constantly gnaw on materials to file down their teeth. They’ll chew on siding, soffits, and fascia boards to gain entry into your attic and carry numerous parasites, potentially causing secondary infestations in your home.

Preventing these creatures from getting onto your roof will help you avoid these concerns, but their climbing abilities enable them to find other ways inside. Fortunately, there are things you can do to keep them out, including:

  • Seal openings in your roof.
  • Install mesh screens over your roof vents and chimneys.
  • Trim tree branches away from your roof and exterior walls.

Squirrels begin causing damage shortly after arriving, potentially resulting in contamination, water damage, and ineffective insulation. When these issues occur, you’ll need professionals to get rid of squirrels and repair these issues.

Naturally Effective Tips To Prevent Squirrels Around Your Yard

While squirrel problems are most significant in buildings, they can damage your yard. These creatures regularly forage for food, storing items under your lawn. The result of these habits is holes and turf damage. They also feed on ornamental plants and seeds in bird feeders, creating more concerns.

These rodents are hard to remove once they get onto your property, so prevention is the best way to avoid trouble. Squirrel control methods for your Connecticut property include:

  • Use squirrel-proof bird feeders.
  • Remove fallen seeds or nuts from your yard.
  • Seal your garbage cans with tight-fitting lids.
  • Install a squirrel-proof fence.

These exclusion tips are the safest way to prevent squirrels because chemical treatments can be dangerous for inexperienced users. However, when they fail to control squirrels already on your property, you’ll need professional assistance to remove existing populations.

Know When To Call In The Pros About Squirrels

While you can decrease the chances that squirrels will infest your property, they possess skills that enable them to elude these measures. For this reason, it’s essential to know the signs of squirrels in your home, including unusual noises, holes in your siding, chewed wires, and damaged insulation.

When you notice these issues, the squirrel control experts at Big Blue Bug Solutions are nearby to help. We’ll inspect your house to find the intruders and develop a removal plan based on the specifics of your situation. We can determine how they likely entered and take steps to prevent future intrusions. Call us to keep squirrels out of your Connecticut home.