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Raccoon Prevention Doesn't Have To Be Difficult In Rhode Island


When you see raccoons in a city park or in a forested area, they’re fascinating animals that provide some benefits by eating nuisance insects and rodents. If you’re finding them inside your home or business in Rhode Island, though, they become a nuisance – and a significant one at that.

Trying to remove and prevent raccoons is not a DIY type of job, no matter how handy you are. Instead, make the process as easy as possible by relying on the professionals at Big Blue Bug Solutions for raccoon removal in Rhode Island that you can trust. We trace our founding as a company to 1935, which shows our success in helping multiple generations of customers eliminate all kinds of pests, including raccoons.

What Type Of Animals Are Raccoons?

Raccoons are mammals that are part of the procyonid family. They are not rodents like squirrels or mice. Coatis and ring-tailed cats are also part of the procyonid family.

Even though they are not rodents, raccoons can do a similar amount of damage to rodents when they find their way into your Rhode Island home or commercial building.

Raccoons live in the wild, but they’ve also adapted to the presence of humans. They sometimes become reliant on the behaviors of humans to find their food, meaning they are likely to build nests near your home. They then can easily raid your garbage cans, vegetable gardens, and compost piles for food.

Are Raccoons Dangerous To Humans And Pets?

Unfortunately, raccoons can be quite dangerous to humans and their pets. Some of the aspects that make raccoons a significant danger include:

  • Carriers of rabies
  • Carriers of parasites like ticks and fleas
  • Can bite or scratch when they feel threatened
  • Significant damage to the interior of buildings
  • Can spread trash across your property, exposing you and your pets to pathogens

Learning how to get rid of raccoonsis important because of the health risks they bring. In Rhode Island, the team at Big Blue Bug Solutions fully understands the risk that occurs when these animals move into your home or commercial building. 

We are ready to provide raccoon control in Rhode Islandthat perfectly fits your needs. We offer both immediate control techniques and ongoing visits to your property to keep an eye out for raccoons. Just let us know what kind of control you prefer, and we are ready to deliver.

The Best Way To Get Rid Of Raccoons

The best option to deal with an invasion of one or more raccoons is to rely on the raccoon removal pros at Big Blue Bug Solutions. We have the know-how, tools, and techniques required to remove these animals safely and effectively.

Should you try to remove raccoons on your own? These animals are apt to fight back if you try to capture them, and they can easily draw blood on a human through biting and scratching.

Even though raccoons may look cute and may seem tame around humans, they are wild creatures that can behave in a manner you may not expect. Our team of pros has the experience to help us handle their behaviors properly.

Raccoon Prevention Tips: How To Protect Your Property

You do not have to just put up with raccoons doing damage on your property. Some of the tips you can use to keep them away from your buildings include:

  • Tightly securing garbage cans
  • Covering and securing compost piles
  • Keeping gardens well away from your home
  • Covering chimneys
  • Keeping window screens in place
  • Maintaining vent covers in your attic

When you want humane raccoon removal services you can trust in Rhode Island, Big Blue Bug Solutions is your best option. We are not satisfied with the results we deliver until you are. 

For a free inspection, call us today.