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Powderpost Beetles Can Be Tricky To Deter: We Can Help!

Powderpost beetle

When people worry about wood-destroying insects, they tend to focus on termites. But those aren’t the only kinds of pests that can lead to costly property damage. Powderpost beetles are common in Maine, and they can bore through household wood and be just as tricky to eliminate as termites. Without expert methods, your ability to prevent and quickly remove such pests is seriously hampered. 

But with help from Big Blue Bug Solutions, deterring and addressing powderpost beetles is easy and affordable. Learn how we can help you with powderpost beetle control in Kennebunk by contacting us today. 

Signs Of Trouble: Recognizing Powderpost Beetle Damage

A powderpost beetle spends nearly its entire life inside of wooden materials. Adults bore into wooden items to lay their eggs, then the larvae emerge to chew on interior wood until they are big and old enough to mature. 

Powderpost beetle holes are a sign that the population has already grown, as it’s the mature adults that power clean through wooden items so they can emerge for mating and finding new nesting grounds. This means the earliest signs of an infestation are often easily overlooked by homeowners, and by the time a pest problem is noticeable, they are much harder to eliminate. This is why you should turn to Big Blue Bug Solutions to schedule an inspection today, even if you’re not sure you have a pest problem. 

About The Damage Powderpost Beetles Can Cause

While termites get all the attention, a powderpost beetle infestation is also damaging to your home. Just like termites, they can chew through structural wood and increase the risk of hazardous levels of damage. But because they don’t tunnel below the ground and access subterranean sources of wood, as termites do, powderpost beetles are actually drawn to household items much quicker. 

This is why you shouldn’t try to eliminate an infestation on your own or rely on your own ability to identify the earliest signs of a powderpost beetle problem. Instead, trust the expertise of trained professionals who know what to look for. 

Kennebunk property owners should turn to Big Blue Bug Solutions right away to get started on powderpost beetle prevention and control. 

Preventing Powderpost Beetles: Making Your Home Less Inviting

By the time you’re experiencing holes around your house, you’ve likely already incurred costly damage at the hands (or more accurately, the mouths)  of powderpost beetles. That’s why early pest prevention is better than simply reacting to problems as they arise. 

Here are some of the main strategies we recommend for reducing your risk of many wood-boring pests, including powderpost beetles: 

  • Landscaping: Pest problems form outdoors and pests look for ways to invade the interior of human structures. As such, you should make your yard less conducive to harboring pest populations by keeping it trimmed and storing yard debris well away from your home. 
  • Outdoor woods: You should also store things like firewood far away from your exterior walls, as having ample sources of wood nearby will simply provide wood-boring pests with a trove to grow fat off of and then invade deeper into your property. 
  • Inspections: With pests that eat the very materials our homes are made of, the best way to ensure problems aren’t forming is with regular and thorough inspections of your property. Pest experts know what to look for, so turn to professionals to make sure nothing gets missed. 

Big Blue Bug Solutions is here to help Kennebunk property owners avoid pests, so we’re happy to provide more prevention tips and solutions for how to treat powderpost beetles in the house. Contact us right away to get started. 

Professional Pest Control: Expert Help For Beetle Control

The best option for how to get rid of powderpost beetles comes from expert treatments. Only pest professionals know how to root out the true source of the problem, rather than just addressing the bugs themselves. 

Turn to Big Blue Bug Solutions for local powderpost beetle control in Kennebunk.