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Do You Know How To Identify Carpenter Ants?

wood damaged by carpenter ants

Like many homeowners in Rhode Island, Massachusetts and New England, when there are ants in the home you may have a hard time identifying the species. Unfortunately if carpenter ants are not accurately detected, your home could be at risk. While most ants are harmless and merely nuisance pests, carpenter ants prove to be more than just a nuisance. In fact they are known for carving galleries into wood in order to build their nests which may result in structural damage for homeowners.

In order to be prepared to battle carpenter ants, here are a few signs that can help you identify an infestation:

  • Foraging ants
  • Piles of frass
  • Structural damages

Like most ants, carpenter ants are always on a search for food for themselves and the rest of the colony. If there are any spills or crumbs in the kitchen or other rooms of the home, you may see large, black ants foraging.

Another sign is if you are seeing small piles of sawdust near structures of the home like window and door frames, floors, and ceilings. These piles of sawdust are referred to as “frass” and are the debris from carpenter ants excavating in order to build their nests.

And finally, structural damage is always a sign of a possible carpenter ant infestation. Over time as the colony grows and expands, they will begin to carve holes into more sound wood structures inside of homes if they have found access. You may notice warped wood, small holes in the wood, or weakened wood structures if there are carpenter ants present.

In order to properly identify and treat for carpenter ant infestations in Providence, Shrewsbury, or elsewhere in our New England service area, it is best to contact Big Blue Bug Solutions for an inspection. Once the species has been identified, the pest control pros at Big Blue Bug will be able to eradicate the entire colony, leaving you free of foraging ants and preventing carpenter ant damage.