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Termite Season Is Around The Corner

Termite Infestation In Worcester

New England may not be fully in the clear when it comes to winter storms but we are officially in the spring season. Despite the possibility of early spring snow showers, we know that warmer weather will be here sooner rather than later. With that said, it is a good time to gear up for spring pest problems including the threat of termite infestations in Worcester and other areas of Massachusetts and throughout Rhode Island. Termites are active year-round but in the spring, as with many other pests, reproduction and expansion begin. It is a good idea that you learn about these wood-destroying pests now before they decide to take up residence in your neighborhood.

What is a swarmer?

Swarmers are the name given to the reproductive termites. Each spring these reproductive termites flee from the colony in an attempt to find a mate and form a new colony. How do they do it? Swarmers are equipped with wings (at least for a few minutes) which allows them to not only get out from the underground colony but take a short flight. Although the swarmers are not the ones chewing through and damaging wood (those are the workers), swarmers are still a sign of a colony that is nearby (possibly even inside your home). If you happen to see a termite swarm this spring, contact Big Blue Bug Solutions right away! Hint: They are often confused with flying ants. 

Signs of termites

Termites work behind the scenes. With colonies that are underground and their tendency to work from the inside out when doing damage, it is not likely you are going to see termites like you would other pests, like say foraging ants in the kitchen. So to help you better identify a termite problem before too much damage has occurred, here are a few signs that could mean your Worcester home has a termite infestation:

  • Termite swarms as mentioned above.
  • Mud tubes leading from the ground to your home. This is how termites move from their colony to wood sources.
  • Damages to wood structures including warped wood, sagging wood, or any hollowing of the wood structures in your home.

If you believe that you have termites infesting your home in Worcester, Providence or throughout our Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut pest control service area, it is important to contact us right away. Because termites are responsible for over 5 billion dollars in property damages each year, this is not a pest you want to wait on. At Big Blue Bug Solutions we offer effective termite control including thorough inspections, treatments to get rid of termites and their colonies, and help in preventing future termite infestations. To learn more give us a call today. And remember, even if you are still seeing cold temps and snow, termite season is just around the corner!