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Are Ants In Worcester Bugging You Already?

Ants In Worcester, MA

While the ground may still have a snow cover, the days are slowly beginning to warm up in Worcester and surrounding New England areas. What this means, aside from that much-needed sunlight, is that ants are going to start appearing around the home and property. While you may think that a few ants here and there are no big deal, we are here to remind you that foraging ants are sign that an ant colony is nearby. In other words, there are thousands of others very close by! But the good news is that we are going to share some tips to help you avoid run-ins with ants in Worcester, MA and in Rhode Island.

What types of ants will I start to see?

There are thousands of different species of ants across the country, but here in New England areas, the most common ants we find disturbing homeowners are carpenter ants and pavement ants. Both are found foraging for food inside of the home and while they do not spread disease, they are certainly a nuisance. As the weather continues to warm up you may start to see ants in the kitchen searching for crumbs, spills, or other accessible food that they can take back to the colony.

A more pressing concern is carpenter ants. These large black ants (also appear in a red and black color combo) carve galleries into wood in order to form nests. Carpenter ants prefer moist or decaying wood sources so your windows, roof eaves and deck are at risk this spring! Think of all that melting snow and ice creating ideal conditions for these wood-destroying pests.

How can I prevent ants from getting into my home?

Ok, enough of the bad news. Here is the good news - you can prevent ants from getting into your home with the following ant prevention tips:

  1. Sign up for Big Blue Bug Solutions year round home pest control services in order to prevent ant colonies from forming in the first place.
  2. Replace any torn or broken window screens so that you can open windows without letting ants inside.
  3. Trim back the bushes, shrubs and trees outside so they do not touch the sides of the home or roof. Left un-tended, a bridge is created allowing ants easy access to the home…not a good thing.
  4. Keep your kitchen clean and sanitized. This means wiping up crumbs and spills right away so you are not providing food sources for foraging ants.
  5. Store all open food in airtight containers so that ants do not have the opportunity to contaminate your baked goods and snacks.

To learn more about ant control in Worcester, surrounding areas in Massachusetts as well as throughout Rhode Island including Providence, please contact Big Blue Bug Solutions today! We can help get rid of ants that are a problem now and prevent their return. Even though the spring is near, ants do not need to be part of this season.