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Are Bed Bug Bites Dangerous?

Bed Bug Bites On Back

Bed bugs are a pest we have all heard about, especially in recent years. We’ve all heard how they were dormant for a long period of time and seem to have reappeared and done so with a vengeance!  There is no doubt about it; bed bugs are back!  We’ve heard how important it is to keep aware of these pests and remain vigilant in protecting ourselves and our homes from inheriting these awful parasites. Bed bugs are pretty awful, but what about them makes them so bad?

Are bed bug bites dangerous

The simple answer is no, bed bug bites aren’t actually dangerous.  But like any bug bite, excess scratching can bring on a skin infection that can be dangerous.  Bed bugs aren’t known to spread any diseases either, unlike the mosquito, which is known for spreading viruses including West Nile virus and yellow fever.  But unlike mosquitoes, you can’t just go indoors to get away from these pests; bed bugs follow you home by tagging along on your clothing or belongings.  They will enter your home at the same time you do and slip away into hiding, lying in wait until you go to bed.  Once you go to bed, they will come out of their hiding place and feed on your blood, sometimes for minutes at a time. When finished, they drop off and return to their hiding place, lying in wait for the next blood meal.  You may wake up in the morning with little red bites on your skin, or you may have no signs of the bite at all; it depends on how your body reacts to these bites.  Possibly the worst part of having bed bugs in your home is the mental anxiety they cause; the idea of these pests feeding on you or your family while you sleep is unnerving and stressful. And bed bugs are extremely resilient; they can go ages (longer than a year!) between feedings if necessary, they have built up a resistance to some pesticides and they are tiny, making them difficulty to locate.  So simply, bed bug bites aren’t actually dangerous, but having them in your home can feel like a nightmare. 

If you have these pests in your property now, then you probably know what we mean. Getting rid of them will probably be your top priority, especially if you’ve got children who are being bitten, or you’ve noticed their numbers are increasing. Contact the Providence pest control professionals at Big Blue Bug Solutions today. Offering bed bug control in Rhode Island, Massachusetts including Shrewsbury and throughout our New England service area for more information on what our bed bug solutions can do to alleviate your stress about bed bugs!