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Tick Season Has Officially Arrived In Worcester, MA

Tick In Worcester, MA

Ticks are active once again and that means it is time for residents in Worcester and Massachusetts as well as in Rhode Island to gear up for what many call tick season. Deer ticks in Worcester, also known as black-legged ticks are known carriers of Lyme disease. Last year there were high numbers of cases of Lyme disease infecting people throughout New England so this year, we want to encourage everyone to work towards preventing tick bites and thus the threat of becoming infected with Lyme disease.

How do ticks spread Lyme disease? Ticks latch onto pretty much any part of the body to feed on our blood and generally stay attached for 36-48 hours. Through their feeding, ticks that are already infected with Lyme disease can transmit the infection to their host. Although not all ticks are infected with Lyme disease, it is always best to try to avoid tick bites altogether.

Tick Prevention Tips

  • Apply insect repellent that contains DEET in order to help ward off ticks from latching onto your clothing and skin.
  • Walk along the center of trails because many times ticks are waiting in the transitional areas like the sides of trails.
  • Wear light colored clothing to more easily see ticks on your body after being out in the woods or an area known to have high levels of tick populations.
  • Keep the grass mowed on your property because tall grass is another area where ticks are likely to be hiding out, just waiting to latch onto a host.
  • Be sure that your pets stay up to date on their tick treatments from the veterinarian treatments.

If you have been finding an abundance of ticks on your property the Worcester pest control pros at Big Blue Bug Solutions can help; just give us a call! We offer tick solutions so that you can take back your yard when it has become overrun with ticks during their active spring and summer season. Our services include identification of the areas with ticks as well as options to help control populations and thus reduce the threat and spread of Lyme disease. Providing pest control in Worcester and Massachusetts, as well as all of Rhode Island and parts of Connecticut, contact Big Blue Bug Solutions to resolve your tick problems today!