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Don’t Let Spiders Inside This Fall

Spider Control In Rhode Island and Massachusetts

People are having problems with spiders all over New England. We regularly get calls from folks that are seeing more than their fair share of spiders inside their homes. Luckily there aren’t any poisonous spiders in Rhode Island, but every once in awhile black widow and brown recluse spiders have been brought into the state by travelers. Typically the spiders in Rhode Island that we deal with are common house spiders like orb weavers, wolf spiders, jumping spiders, house spiders and cellar spiders. If you’ve been seeing too many spiders inside your home, here are some tips from the New England pest control professionals at Big Blue Bug Solutions to help you prevent spider infestations inside your home.

Check the exterior of your home for cracks and crevices that may be allowing spiders entry; caulk these crevices to eliminate entry points for spiders as well as other household invaders, including rodents.

Install sodium vapor lighting in exterior light fixtures to reduce attracting night-flying insects that spiders may feed upon.

Dangerous spiders in Rhode Island are rare, but if they are in your home, they tend to be reclusive. They may hide in your dresser drawers, in old shoes in your closet or other areas that are rarely frequented. If you are concerned about running into these dangerous spiders, always shake out your clothing before you put it on and examine shoes before wearing.

Clean up spider webs whenever you see them. If you see the spider that created the web, you can use a vacuum to suck up the web and the spider (and any egg sacs you may see); just make sure to empty out the bag into an outdoor trash can when you are done. By cleaning up spider webs repeatedly, you are forcing the spiders to find more secluded areas to build webs, which may be outside of your home.

Sanitation is critical in keeping your home free from spiders. Dust or vacuum behind and under furniture often and keep clutter to a minimum. When you are disrupting the usually undisturbed areas where spiders like to hide, you will begin to force them out.

Keep your home as dry as possible, using a dehumidifier if necessary. Spiders appreciate damp, dark and secluded areas, so a basement with excess moisture can be a spider haven.

Eliminate other household pests like flies, ants and other insects that spiders feed on. When they have no food sources inside your home, they are less likely to stay.

Keep wood piles stored away from your home’s exterior and clean up trash and other debris around the house foundation where spiders often live.

If you’ve already got an infestation of spiders inside your home, feel free to give the professionals at Big Blue Bug a call. Our spider control services can help you get rid of the spiders that have invaded as well as other pests that try to make your home their own. For large spiders in RI that have you screeching, or tiny spiders that seem to be absolutely everywhere, don’t hesitate to contact the pros at Big Blue Bug Solutions. We have proudly been providing pest control in RI, pest control in Worcester, MA and even parts of Connecticut since 1935 and we are ready to help you with all your pest problems!