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How To Eliminate And Prevent Pantry Pests

illustration of a saw-toothed beetle

Pantry pests are just about the most disgusting thing in the world. Have you ever opened up a bag of sugar and seen black bugs wiggling in it? Or walked into the pantry, flicked on the light, and watched a cockroach zip across the wall at waist level, and disappear behind a box on the shelf. It is nasty! Thankfully, there is something you can do about pantry pests, and it begins by protecting your home against ALL pests. Here's what you need to do:

  • If possible, do an inspection of your exterior walls, and fill in any holes, gaps, or cracks. This is especially important around fixtures, pipes, outlets, windows, and air conditioning units.
  • Check all your screens and make sure they are in good working condition.
  • Inspect door sweeps and weather strips.
  • Keep all food sources hidden, or cleaned up. That means trash covered, counters washed, floors cleaned, rugs vacuumed, dishes in soapy water--not in a dry sink, and oven sides and under the refrigerator clean. This will make your home less inviting to bugs that come searching for food, especially roaches.
  • Check the walls in your pantry and make sure there are no holes where bugs can get in.
  • Keep your pantry dry and well ventilated. Bugs love moisture.
  • Replace food that is out of date. Rotting food will draw insects from a surprising distance.
  • Consider replacing your wooden shelves with wire shelves.
  • Consider putting your food in hard plastic containers.

Once your home and the pantry is sealed and uninviting to bugs, the next step is to not bring bugs home with you from the store. Pantry pests love to hitchhike. Make sure you check all your food packages for tears, rips, or holes, before you purchase. And, if you get a bag of pantry items delivered, check the bag before you bring it into your pantry.

It is never fun to find pantry pests. Get your walls sealed today, and make your holiday baking less stressful.