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Bed Bug Tips: How To Avoid An Infestation On Spring Break

avoid bed bugs while on spring break vacation

Not only does the phrase “spring break” have an attractive and inviting sound, it is a time when students and professors across the United States experience that long awaited break from the doldrums of an extremely tiring winter. It is that one time of year when worries are left behind and expectations of great fun soars. No one is thinking about being bitten and exposed to pesky bed bugs.

However, there is the possibility of bed bug exposure anytime you use the services of hotels and public transportation. The last thing you want to do is carry bed bugs home with you. Big Blue Bug Solutions is the sure choice for New England pest control and bed bug removal in Worcester, Framingham and surrounding areas.

The safest approach is always preventive maintenance and inspection upon arriving and vacating your hotel. The following steps will help prevent you from carrying bed bugs home from spring break.

  1. Know what a bed bug looks like. The adult bed bug looks similar to an apple seed; flat, oval shaped and without wings. They are a rusty brown color but will change to more of a red color after feeding. You will also want to look for skins that have been shed as the bed bug grows.
  2. Begin a thorough inspection of your room. Begin with the mattress, especially along the ribbing. You will also want to look inside drawers, as bed bugs like to hide in dark places. Watch for fecal matter and skin sheds as you go through your inspection. Other common hiding places that you can’t visually inspect are in plush carpets, behind wall coverings and inside wall switch and receptacle covers.
  3. Keep your suitcases and belongings off the floor and out of the chest drawers. If you suspect bed bugs, sort your clothing and place them in plastic bags just the way you sort them for laundry. Seal the bags shut and take them directly to the washing machine. Turn your washer and dryer to the hottest temperature that is still safe for the clothing.
  4. Suitcases and garment bags that cannot be placed in the washing machine can be scrubbed with a brush, using very hot water. This should be done on a hard floor surface rather than carpet. Upon completion, wipe the floor with wet cloth in the event any bed bugs or eggs fall to the floor.

To remove any other concerns or doubts, call in the professionals. Big Blue Bug Solutions has been providing New England pest control solutions for residential and commercial clients for more than 75 years. We are ready to help make your spring break a bed bug free one!