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What Does The Polar Vortex Mean For Spring And Summer Pests?


The one subject that is consistent in coffee shops throughout most of the United States is that this year has served us a very harsh winter with record snowfall and sub zero temperatures. Residents of MA and RI have certainly had their share of unusually cold temperatures. The most common explanation for the severity of this winter is summed up with the phrase “polar vortex”.

Polar vortex has brought many days of subzero temperatures and has caused very high heat bills for much of the eastern portion of the United States. Several people have suggested that these severe temperatures will mean fewer bugs. Although this is certainly a positive thought, not everyone embraces the idea.

There is some optimism that certain invasive insects, like the Japanese beetle, may have been hit hard this winter. However, the actual temperature needed to kill pests varies from one species to another. When temperatures drop well below zero individual insects begin to die. The colder the temperature becomes, the fewer there are that survive.

In spite of these frigid temperatures, all insects have a certain amount of ability to withstand winter conditions. They burrow into the ground, go beneath piles of leaves and other litter, hide under tree bark and go into hibernation. These protective methods work well enough that a certain number of insects, ants, fleas, ticks and carpenter ants will survive and continue reproducing thus continually creating problems for homeowners.

A home pest inspection and New England pest control services will continue to be needed this spring. One of those services is carpenter ant control. Getting rid of these pesky and potentially damaging ants is extremely difficult and almost always requires the assistance of a pest control professional. Contact Big Blue Bug Solutions and inquire of our wide range of home pest control services. We have been providing effective and responsible solutions for residential and commercial pest problems for more than 75 years. Call today and schedule your spring pest inspection with Big Blue Bug Solutions.