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Spring Ahead Into Pest Proofing In Worcester

spring cleaning helps avoid pest infestations

So many things happen in the springtime. Snow and ice begin to dissipate as the daily temperatures slowly creep upward. The days begin getting longer as the thoughts of winter start to fade. Spring is also that time of year when we set our clocks ahead. Setting your clocks ahead is also a great time to go throughout your home and change the batteries in your smoke detectors. Checking those batteries in the spring when you set your clock ahead and again in the fall when you move the clocks back will ensure that you have safe and operational smoke alarms for the safety of your family.

Another important task as we move forward into the springtime of the year is to protect your home from pest infestations. The warming temperatures cause household pests to become quite active. Some of these insects are more of a nuisance than anything, while others can be destructive to your home. Still other pests can pose a health risk. Here are a few basic pest prevention tips to implement.

  1. As we enter into spring and summer season, you should keep your lawn mowed and weeds cut. Be sure to remove all cut grass, pulled weeds and leaves from your yard. Also, remove all wooden piles away from your foundation. Many pests are attracted to such an environment in which to live and reproduce.
  2. Make a visual inspection of your property and foundation, looking for any entry points in which pests can come in. Seal off cracks and openings. Look for any ant nests or mud trails and destroy them.
  3. The kitchen is a great place inside your home for pests to use as a source of food. Clean cupboards and pantries from any crumbs or spillage. Store flour, sugar and any other unused food items in sealed containers.

As you inspect your property, be on the lookout for any signs of carpenter ants. Carpenter ant control is necessary as these pesky ants can be both a nuisance as well as damaging to your property. They don’t actually eat wood like a termite, but they burrow tunnels in wooden structures and build nests. The carpenter ant is somewhat nocturnal so part of your inspection may need to be done at night with a flashlight. You will be looking for an ant trail of workers carrying food back to the nest. The best way to control carpenter ants is finding and destroying the parent nest. This will eliminate the queen and prevent any further reproducing of new generations.

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