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What To Do When Mice Move In

Mice move in

The air has turned crisp, the leaves have turned colors and started to fall, and the nation's children have returned to another school year. Who doesn't love a good autumn day? Unfortunately, fall brings more than just great pumpkin pie and delicious apple cider. It also brings with it the need for rodents who are normally content to be outside scrambling to find a cozy spot to spend the cold months. Your home is just as inviting to them as it is to you after a brisk fall day.

Your first sign that you have a mouse in your house might be odd droppings in random places such as kitchen cupboards or drawers. Maybe you have heard a faint scratching in the night or even a squeak or two and dismissed it as imagination. Then the day comes when you find a plastic lid with gnaw marks and you know that you definitely have an uninvited roommate. With mice, if you have one, you can guarantee that he did not come alone.

Mice will set up housekeeping in a variety of spots in your home. An underused closet with storage boxes is ideal. They build their nests with items such as newspaper, cardboard , pillow stuffing, cotton balls or anything else that they can get their furry little mitts on. Then, they build their families. A female can have up to ten litters a year and each of these babies are old enough to reproduce in two months time. An unchecked infestation can reach epic proportions in a very short amount of time.

So what do you do? First, don't panic. You can buy traps, poison, and enlist a cat but usually, this is more like putting a wine cork in a geyser . The best way to get rid of your problem is to call a professional pest control company to come in and evaluate the situation. With the proper tools and treatment plan they will take care of your problem quickly and efficiently without potential harm to your family and pets with unmonitored poisons or finger snapping traps. They will even give you some insight on preventing the problem for years to come. Before you know it you will be back to enjoying fall , sipping cider and living your life the way it was meant to be.