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The Secret To Keeping Mice Out Of Your Portland, ME Home

a mouse crawling on a counter top in a home

Of all the pests that infest Portland, ME homes, mice are arguably the worst. These tiny rodents can destroy homes within a matter of weeks, contaminating food items, ripping through walls and furniture, and otherwise creating an unpleasant atmosphere in which to live.

House mice are the most common home-invading pests in the United States. Over the years, they have lost their ability to live in the wild and are almost entirely dependent on human activity. You will likely see mice living in big cities and large metro areas, as well as busy restaurants and travel hot spots.

Below is a short description of the most common mouse characteristics:

  • Mice have large ears, furry tales, and pointed snouts.
  • Most mice appear in color patterns of grey, black, white, and tan.
  • Mouse droppings are small and pointed at the tips, usually left in small piles around the house.
  • Mice leave oily stains on baseboards and walls as they scurry around. You are most likely to spot these oil marks near sharp corners or cubbies. 

Having mice in the home is more than just a nuisance. They could become a huge and expensive problem to fix. The dangers created by these mammals are not worth the risk, and the damages left around the house may cost thousands of dollars to repair or replace.

The Best Techniques For Total Portland Mouse Protection

The best method of mouse treatment is always initial prevention. Making your home less attractive to mice begins with properly eliminating any attractive factors, including accessible food sources, water supplies, and comfortable nesting sites. Here's a list of three techniques to use when defending your home against potential rodent infestation:

  1. Store all trash in solid and airtight bins. Remove filled bags from home at least once per week, and remove all garbage from the premises every ten days. If you plan on storing any recycling containers or jugs, be sure to rinse them thoroughly and dry them completely.
  2. Do not leave any food items on the counters or floors. Store as much as you can in plastic or glass containers, or keep them in cold storage in the fridge.
  3. Potential entry points around the home should be reinforced with materials that mice cannot chew through. This could include metal kick plates around doors and strong plastic guards around windows. Other cracks and gaps should be caulked with a waterproof sealant. 

Although prevention steps can certainly be helpful, do-it-yourself (DIY) alone is not enough to stop an already active infestation. Once mice enter the home, it will be almost impossible to manage the pests on your own. If you suspect that mice have already infiltrated your home, contact the professionals at Big Blue Bug Solutions right away.

How Big Blue Bug Solutions Keeps Portland Safe From Mouse Infestations

For more than 80 years, the folks behind Big Blue Bug Solutions have helped home, and business owners stay safe from aggressive rodent infestations. We don’t just make your home safer - we make it entirely pest-free!

Here’s how we help our Portland neighbors get and stay safe from mouse problems:

  1. An initial home inspection will check the entire property for signs of infestation.
  2. A treatment program will be designed to meet your personal needs, period. From traditional treatments to eco-friendly alternatives, Big Blue Bug Solutions has it all. 
  3. A pest-free guarantee ensures that all mice have been eliminated or your money back. 

Call the professionals behind Big Blue Bug Solutions to chat with a professional today and get started on effective home pest control solutions.