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What Makes Mice So Hard To Keep Out Of My Worcester Home?

A house mouse outdoors

Pests are called such because they’re worrisome. First, they persistently surround your land. Then, they come indoors and frighten you. This is followed by them getting into your food and belongings. If that weren’t enough, they evade your attempts to eliminate them. They make for a lot of frustration, but they can also be dangerous, in many cases. Several species can transmit illnesses, bite or sting you, and/or damage property. Mice do a little of all three.

Learn more today about how mice operate and why they’re so hard to keep out. With additional information, you can improve your prevention efforts. On top of that, you’ll have details on what Big Blue Bug Solutions can do to bolster your endeavors.

The Appearance, Behavior, & Risks of Mice

Typical house mice have black, brown, or gray fur that is short. Their abdomens are lighter colored. They can grow to be seven inches long from nose to tail. Usual entry points for them are voids in foundations. Damp and dark spaces that are warm and not very busy are where they’ll settle. You’ll likely find them around cracks in walls, cabinets, and basements. If your property is close to a field or a grassy or wooded area, you’re probably going to have issues with mice.

The two biggest dangers with mice are diseases and property damage. These critters have parasites in their fur, and they collect bacteria from the dirt and trash they crawl in. When they touch food and surfaces, they can contaminate it. This is especially true when they leave urine and feces. As a result, humans can have food poisoning or illnesses, such as hantavirus and lymphocytic choriomeningitis. Mice ruin property as they file their ever-growing teeth on wires and walls. Chewing on cords may strike an electrical fire. Chief signs of a mouse infestation are:

  • Droppings with pointed ends and a rod-like shape
  • Footprints with four toes in the front and five toes in the back
  • Scratching and squeaking noises behind foundations
  • Bite and chew marks on wires and walls 
  • An on-going, unpleasant odor in the air

Preventing Mice 

For a number of reasons, mice can be very challenging to manage and control. First, they reproduce at a rapid rate. Second, they live and breed in places that are difficult to reach. Third, they are nocturnal. These factors make it next to impossible to find, catch, and kill mice with commercial traps and pesticides. Furthermore, most retail sprays have confusing instructions. You could end up misapplying them and putting yourself in harm’s way. Even if you use them correctly, your mouse troubles will continue if their entry points aren’t addressed. It is also important to note that it is unsafe to handle these creatures or their waste.

Tips to prevent mice include:

  • Putting food and garbage in airtight containers
  • Repairing leaks and moisture issues
  • Sealing openings around foundations, doors, and windows. (Mice can get through extremely tiny holes and jump over a foot in the air.)
  • Distancing greenery from the front door
  • Regularly cleaning gutters
  • Reducing clutter

Big Blue Bug Solutions Mouse Extermination

At Big Blue Bug Solutions, our team consists of licensed and insured technicians who have the skills and top-notch tools to eradicate mice. We will find all passageways and nests and treat them with eco-friendly products. We can also perform any necessary repairs to avert future intrusions.

We’ve been in business for over 80 years and we look forward to servicing you next. Our plans are cost-effective and all-encompassing. Don’t live with mice another minute! Call us today!