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Are Spiders Taking Over Your House?


Spiders are sneaky. I'm willing to bet you probably haven't noticed them taking over your house. It happens slowly--and in high places you don't tend to look. Stop for a moment, and take a walk around. Look closely at the corners near your ceilings. I bet you'll find some spider webs. When you get back, continue on with this article and find out what you can do about those spiders.

When are webs good?

Are you thinking about going around the house with a broom and getting all those spider webs? It is only natural. But before you do, consider this: If you don't have a pest management plan in place, you may want to keep those webs around. Spiders are great for catching gnats and mosquitoes. If you have to choose between which pest you want to have around the house, spiders are definitely the winner. But with year-round home pest control service from a pest management company, you don't have to have any pests in your home. Proper exclusion and focused treatments can make your home a pest-free environment.

Bigger is not better.

Another benefit of proper pest management is the exclusion of larger insects like the housefly. When you have these large insects flying around your home, you're going to get larger spiders. This increases your chances of one of those spiders being poisonous. Here are a few ways you can reduce flying insects which attract the spiders that eat them.

  • Make sure your trash cans are fully sealed at all times.
  • Clean your counters, floors, and rugs regularly.
  • Deep clean your bathrooms, especially the underside of your toilet rim and all trash cans.
  • Replace outside lights with yellow insect-resistant lighting.

If you have a lot of flying insects or find webbing that is down near the floor, call Big Blue Bugs Solutions to schedule an inspection. A lot of flying insects means a lot of spiders. And, if those spider webs are low to the floor, that means there is a chance you have a poisonous spider.

Spiders can be beneficial, but you don't need them in your house. Protect your family by making your home a spider-free place to live.