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Take A Closer Look With Tony T.V.

Tony DeJesus

What's bugging you? Do you even know? There are a ton of bugs that can infest a home, and Tony DeJesus takes them on one at a time in the YouTube sensation known as Tony TV. Okay. Maybe it isn't a sensation yet, but we think you'll agree, that learning about pests with Tony is fun and fast. Before you realize you've even started, you'll be off and running with indispensable pest information that will help you squish those pest problems under the hard and unrelenting heel of "pest knowledge." Here are some of the cool things you'll learn.

Eco-friendly Termite Solutions.

Can you learn the most effective and Eco-friendly way to destroy termites in just 2 minutes? With Tony TV you can. In this short episode, Tony talks about an amazing product from DuPont called Altriset, which comes with no warnings or cautions for how the product must be handled or applied because it is super safe. And, not only does this product stop termites from eating your home, worker termites bring it back into their colony and share it with other termites!

Deer Ticks and Lyme Disease Prevention.

What can you learn in only 2 minutes and 53 seconds about deer ticks and Lyme disease? As it turns out, quite a bit. Tony quickly walks through what deer ticks look like, where they can be found, how to prevent them from crawling on you, how to protect your property, and what to watch out for. You'll be a deer tick expert in under 3 minutes!

Protect Your Food From Pantry Pests.

If you're squeamish, you may want to skip this one, but skipping it may leave you vulnerable to disgusting little pests known as pantry pests. These aren't bugs that "get into" your pantry. Tony explains how they can already be inside the food you buy and gives tips on how to prevent an infestation from starting or spreading.

Protect Your Family From Mosquitoes, West Nile Virus, and More.

In under two minutes, Tony will explain: how mosquitoes breed, why they're dangerous, and how to reduce mosquitoes around your home. It is the fastest mosquito abatement primer on the net. You'll walk away with actionable information on how to make your home safer in less time than it takes to eat a piece of toast.

If you think learning about pests is long and boring, you've never watched Tony TV on our YouTube channel. Get all the information you need in small "Nibbles." And have fun doing it. Tony's quick wit and fast-paced delivery make these helpful videos fun to watch and fun to share. Subscribe to our channel and Tony TV and never miss an episode. And don’t forget – for all those pest-related issues that you cannot take care of on your own, contact Big Blue Bug Solutions and put their highly trained professionals on the job they do best – eliminating bugs!