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Cockroaches Found In Massachusetts


If you live in Massachusetts, there is a pretty good chance you've seen a cockroach. I'm not going to waste your time and tell you how disgusting they are, or all the reasons why you shouldn't have them in your house. We're going to get straight to the point and help you get rid of those nasty buggers once and for all.

Which cockroach species infest Massachusetts homes?

There several species of cockroach that live in the great state of Massachusetts, but only three of them that can present a significant issue for you. They are as follows:

American Cockroaches

This species of cockroach is the largest of these three roaches and can grow to be as much as 2 inches long. These reddish-brown bugs with their yellowish heads are considered the fastest running insects. They are able to scale walls, traverse rough ceilings, and squeeze through a crack ¼ of an inch, despite their large size.

German Cockroaches

This species with its tan coloring looks similar to the Asian cockroach, but it is unable to fly. It measures in at ½ inch to ⅔ of an inch, and can scale walls and traverse ceilings.

Oriental Cockroaches

This shiny, dark brown insect can grow to be about 1 inch long and prefers damp wet places. This has earned it the name 'water-bug', by some. It can fly, scale walls, and traverse ceilings.

How do I get these nasty cockroaches out of my house?

All of these roaches can be excluded with the same measures.

  • Exterior walls must be sealed, and a pesticide barrier must be put in place to keep these bugs from getting to rooflines, window cracks and chimneys. Partner with a professional pest control company like Big Blue Bug to get this done properly and safely.
  • Store all garbage in sealed cans. The smell of outside trash can lure roaches onto your property. The fewer roaches you have snooping around your exterior walls the less chance their find a weakness in your defenses. Remember, we are talking about an insect that can scale walls, walk across ceilings and even fly.
  • Keep food in sealed plastic containers. If roaches manage to get into your home, you can deter them from staying by keeping food sources sealed and hidden.
  • Put pet food down only during meal time.
  • Keep all pipes and spigots from leaking. Roaches need a water source.

If you keep your walls maintained, get regular treatments, and keep things clean, roaches will choose another place to infest. Roach proof your home and start living roach free.