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Food Pantry Boot Camp

Create A Bunker Around Your Pantry

Alright, soldier! Are you ready to get that panty into tip-top shape? This is war. And, there is no room for the weak of heart! You need to be ruthless. You need to be a well-oiled machine. It is kill or be bugged! What's it going to be, soldier? Are you going to stop those bugs in their tracks, or crawl home to Mommy? Okay. Maybe I went a little overboard on the drama. You get the point. Those bugs work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, foraging for food. They will relentlessly attack your pantry until they get what they're looking for. But don't worry, we'll get you into shape and teach you what you need to know to win this war.

Forward Scouting

When battling bugs, you need to have eyes out in the field. I'm not talking about your lawn; I'm talking about the grocery store. You need to be examining packages closely before you buy them. Without knowing it, you could bring a Trojan horse into your pantry. Look for holes, gaps, tears, and rips. Check the dates on the pantry food you buy. And never bring bags of food into your pantry, especially if you got them at a farmer's market. You could have any number of hitchhikers in those bags.


In war, one camouflaged unit can mean the difference between winning or losing a battle. In your home the camouflage doesn't go on you; it goes on your food. When Indian meal moths fly around in search of food smells, you don't want them smelling yours. When saw-toothed beetles and other bugs squeeze through cracks in your exterior walls or roofline and get into wall voids, you don't want to lure them into your food storage areas. Sealed, hard plastic containers keep smells in and bugs out. It is a little bit of an investment, but your foods will be safer, fresher, and hidden from the enemy.


When battling bugs, you need to know how to create a bunker. In the desert, troops stack sandbags and dig holes. In your home, your exterior walls are your defense. The better your defenses are, the less your enemy will be able to penetrate them. This requires training and equipment. Partner with a pest control company and get your exterior walls fully sealed. Then you can focus on your battle plan. Keep screens in good working order. Install and maintain door sweeps. Make sure all weather stripping seals are properly. Don't leave your house door open when you're bringing groceries in from the car. Keep your home clean and free of food sources. And, be on the lookout for hitchhiking bugs. If you do this, your pantry will be safe from pests, and you will win this war. Hoo Haa!