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Are There Cockroaches In Rhode Island?


Unfortunately, yes. Cockroaches love urban centers. As the population of Rhode Island grows more and more dense, roaches will increase and thrive. Here are a few examples of how dense population aids in the production of cockroaches, and a few tips on how you can make your home more resistant.

  1. Close quarters. For a bug that doesn't like to be out in the open, an urban environment makes travel between homes more convenient, aiding in the spread of this foraging pest. Apartment houses and high rises see an even greater infiltration because of the ease at which roaches can use wall voids to travel between units; especially German cockroaches or roaches that are in their larvae stage. This ease of travel is made worse in that cockroach eggs don't need the mother to hatch. If a neighbor steps on a cockroach, they could inadvertently bring living roach eggs into your home or apartment.
  2. More waste. In an area of high population there is more waste generated. Cockroaches love trash. It is a food and a breeding site. If you have a dumpster next to your home or apartment complex, it may be the reason you have a roach problem.
  3. Shared sewer. Home and apartment buildings share a common sewer system. Though roaches will rarely come up through your toilet, the sewers are a dark wet place roaches might travel through before they come into your home. That means they will be carrying harmful bacteria on their bodies. Sewers also give them connectivity without coming out in the open.
  4. More places to hide. Urban areas offer more places for this skittish bug to hide and lay its eggs.
  5. Food sources aplenty. The more food these pests can find, the faster they will multiply. As the population in Rhode Island grows, this invader will grow with it.

The good news is that you don't have to have roaches in your home or business just because there are more roaches in the state. Here are a few ways you can make your property less attractive, and less vulnerable, to cockroaches.

  • Keep things clean. Good sanitation is a strong natural deterrent for this insect. This includes deep cleaning the sides of your oven and getting under the fridge.
  • Keep food secure. If you have food in paper or cardboard, consider putting them in hard plastic. If you have a pet, put their food down only during mealtime--you don't want to be giving cockroaches a midnight snack.
  • Keep leaks fixed and water from accumulating in sinks. Cockroaches don't just need food, they need a drink too.
  • Seal your walls. Though it is incredibly hard to keep cockroaches out of a home or business, sealed walls will help.
  • Pest control. For a home, year round pest control is helpful in keeping cockroaches from exploiting weak areas. For a business, year round pest control isn't just helpful, it is essential. Natural exclusion isn't enough to keep this pest out.