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Bugs Bugs Everywhere!

Bed Bug Bites

We all deal with bugs every once in a while. That's just life. Bugs find a way into our homes no matter how much we try to keep them out. But there is a limit. There is a point at which you must say, "Enough is enough, bugs!" Here is a quote from a recent inquiry we received. We'll quickly address the obvious and then take a look at something more sinister under the surface.

"We need help getting rid of bugs in our home. My toddlers woke up today with multiple spider bites and last night I had a centipede-looking creature crawling up my arm while I was sleeping! Bugs bugs everywhere, help please. Thank you!"

Obviously, this poor family is dealing with something. The kids are waking up with multiple bites and larger bugs are coming into sleeping areas. This is bad! The exterior walls of this home aren't keeping those bugs out and the family may be luring bugs in to eat. There could also be an even larger issue: there could be water damage involved. When gutters clog and water wets the side of a home, the wood of a home can begin to decay. This happens most often on the corners of entryways and windows. Bugs and wildlife chew at these areas and create entry points. As entry points grow in size and number, pests grow in size and number. A problem like this should not go without proper inspection.

The not so obvious issue here is that spiders don't generally bite people, and hardly ever bite multiple times. Though it is possible that several spiders came in and bit the children, it is highly unlikely. What is more likely going on with this family is a bed bug infestation. Bed bugs are blood eaters that feed multiple times a night, often in a straight line. If it is bed bugs, it is a problem that is only going to get worse, quickly.

If you have ‘bugs bugs everywhere’ and you live in Massachusetts or Rhode Island, give Big Blue Bug a call. Our Home Owner's Policy will monitor and protect your home from all the common pests, like: cockroaches, fleas, ticks, silverfish, clothes moths, carpet beetles, food-infesting insects, mice, rats, wasp and bee nests, spiders, earwigs, millipedes, centipedes, crickets, ground beetles and most ants. This standard protection will prevent these pests from bothering your family, and keep you informed of potential threats to your home like rotting holes and water damage. Big Blue Bug can also handle the more complicated issues like bed bugs, carpenter ants and termites.

Don't let bugs have rule of your house. Call Big Blue Bug Solutions and kick those bugs out