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Are You Tired Of Doing The Ant Dance?


If you don't know what the ant dance is, it's okay, I'll walk you through it. Imagine being in your kitchen with romantic candle light all around. But you're not alone. The love of your life is with you. And, there is music. Choose a song that warms your heart. Do you have it? Now imagine embracing and dancing back and forth, back and forth. Are you there? Are you in the moment? Do you feel your left foot touch the floor of the kitchen? Do you feel your body shift and your right foot touch? Do you feel the weight of your body settle onto your leg? This is where I want your focus to be because things are going to shift. Now, imagine you are alone in your kitchen and your steps are becoming wider. The shifting of weight from one foot to the other is the same, but you are now landing in random spots on the floor. There might even be a hop. And, as you twist and spin, you grind your shoes. Are you there? Do you feel that rocking, swaying, spinning and grinding? Excellent! Now, imagine there are ants on the floor, and you know what the ant dance is.

If you're tired of doing the ant dance, we understand. Stopping ants from invading your kitchen can feel like a losing battle. You can lay down ant traps till your back aches, and still find yourself squishing ants a dozen times a day. Sometimes the dance includes a few swats on the counter top to add some flair. But, let's face it, the ant dance is not a dance that will ever be "in style."

Here is the problem with ants: Killing ants doesn't get rid of ants. Period.

If you want to stop ants from getting into your house, you have to take the fight to them. You need to hire a professional to locate ant colonies in and around your home and have those colonies removed. Here are the reasons why:

  • Ants can climb. If you think you can keep ants out by sealing the cracks in your foundation, you're wrong. Ants can climb all the way up your exterior walls if there isn't a chemical to keep them from doing it.
  • Ants are small. Even if all your weather stripping is in perfect shape and your door sweeps touch evenly on the ground, ants can still find a way into your home. They can squeeze in through tiny holes you wouldn't even image are a problem.
  • Ants release a scent when they die. This scent can drive the rest of the colony into an attack mode. What does this mean for you? When a colony feels threatened it can split. If the colony that is sending ants into your home splits, it means more ants are going to be coming in. If you ever kill ants, make sure to spray the area with soapy water and clean up the scent.
  • Ants can out birth you. You can kill ants all day long, every day, but ants will produce more ants than you can generally kill in a day.

If you have ants in your Rhode Island, Massachusetts or Connecticut home, call Big Blue Bug and get your ant problem fixed. Big Blue Bug has over 75 years’ experience squashing bugs, and they know how to stop ants from getting into your home. Stop dancing and get rid of those ants for good.