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The Effect Of Winter On Pest Control

Image Of A Snow Covered Home

When the snow starts to melt and temperatures start to warm up, what happens? That's right, bugs start to appear. But every home is different. You may have flies appearing in the upper rooms of your house as they flee attic spaces in search of an exit from your home. You may find ladybugs crawling all over the sun-warmed walls of your home. Ants may be forming superhighways across your kitchen floor. Termite swarmers may be crawling around on your exterior walls--or worse--on your inside walls. Whatever pests plague you, there are some things you can do to stop or deter them all.

The problem winter causes, and some tips to fight back.

Heavy snow and ice can cause gaps to open in your roofline. Strong winds can blow shingles off. Expansion and contraction can make cracks in your foundation worse. And all that snow will turn into water, softening and rotting wood and moistening the soil around your home. Rotted wood lures a host of pests in. Termites will eat it. Carpenter ants will burrow through it. Rats and mice will gnaw an opening in it. And earwigs, silverfish, beetles, and other moisture-loving pests will wiggle in and out of it. Use a caulking gun to fill in rotted holes, or repair those areas. Fill in gaps that have opened in corners, peeks, and arches. Seal around windows, pipes, fixtures, and outlets.

Subterranean termites will choose a home that has moist soil around the perimeter, instead of a home that has crushed rocks or dry dirt. Centipedes, millipedes, earwigs, and silverfish that come close to your home, because of the moistness of the soil, will explore your walls and exploit cracks. It is important to channel water away from your home. Make sure your gutters and downspouts are clear of obstructions and in good working order. You want them channeling all the water from that melting snow away from your home, not running down your walls and rotting the wood of your home.

Cold winter temps also cause some pests to overwinter in your home. That means they are already inside and will begin to come out of hiding. Many pest control companies, like Big Blue Bug, offer free inspections. Start your year off right by having them show you where your home is vulnerable and what options are available to eradicate current pests. They can also deter other pests from choosing your home for their summer activities. Protecting your home and your family from pest-related illness, stings, and bites, and safeguarding your home from pest damage isn't as expensive as you might think. Give it a shot this year.