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Mice And Your Business

mouse in restaurant

Mice are adorable. In fact, they are so adorable, there have been whole franchises built around their cute and distinct features. But using a mouse as a mascot is not the same as having mice running around in your business. Here are just a few of the drawbacks.

Mice Are Rodents

On a mascot mouse, those front teeth are cute. But when you have mice running around inside your business, those teeth are a real problem. Rodents are classified by ever-growing incisors that must be filed down. This drives them to chew on a wide variety of things. In your business, they will be gnawing through sheetrock, wood, and other structural items to get where they want to be. And this damage is often difficult to reach and repair. What's more, is those rodents like to chew on wires. They don't understand that doing this can lead to a fire and burn down their new home.

Mice Are Foragers

If you hire someone to wear a mascot mouse outfit to advertise your business, you may have to feed them. But mascot mice won't crawl around in your dumpster before they look around in food storage areas for a bite to eat. Real mice have a nasty habit of crawling around in dumpsters and trash cans. When they do, they pick up harmful bacteria that can be spread to your food storage areas and your food prep surfaces. Nothing will lead to a failed governmental inspection faster than signs of mouse activity in areas where food is prepared.

Real Mice Are Not Always Cute

When mice are used to sell products, they are always presented in a way that is cute and adorable. But a mouse that has been hanging out in your wall voids and dumpster is not going to have that same appearance. And for some customers, it doesn't matter what the mouse looks like, they are put off just by seeing that your business has mice at all.

Mascot Mice Don’t Carry Parasites

Having a mouse problem is sometimes only the beginning. These wild animals are known to carry parasites in their fur. If you would rather not have ticks, mites, fleas, lice, and other parasitic infestations, excluding mice is an important first step.

At Big Blue Bug Solutions, we control rodent pests like mice, rats, and squirrels by repairing entry points and monitoring for rodent activity. Our expert team of pest technicians has the experience and education to effectively control these invasive and damaging pests. If you'd like to know how Big Blue can protect you, click "contact us" at the top of the page and let's start the conversation and get you on the road to a pest-free and rodent-free business!