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Squirrels: Fun To Watch, Dangerous To Host

squirrel in tree looking for food

Squirrels can be entertaining to watch as they twitch their tail and chase each other up and down trees and across the lawn. However, the entertainment can become a dreadful experience almost overnight. Squirrels are a small to medium sized rodent and have incisors that are constantly growing. Because of this, they need to chew and gnaw constantly to keep these teeth worn down to a manageable size.

A healthy squirrel is rarely a threat to people and will rarely, if ever, bite unless one tries to catch or corner them. While there is always the potential of health related issues from wildlife, the danger or threat from squirrels is more to the property and buildings than to humans. This becomes an issue when the squirrel population increases to the extent that they begin invading the home.

Homeowners should always be on the lookout for an infestation of squirrels. The first sign of overpopulation will be noticed outside. Some of the signs of excessive squirrels on your property are:

  • Squirrels fighting each other on a regular basis are an indication that the squirrel population is becoming overcrowded.
  • Seeing nests being built in trees or holes in tree trunks.
  • Squirrels beginning to run along utility lines, jumping on the roof of your house or garage.
  • Noticing an increase in squirrel droppings.

Any of these signs point toward a squirrel population that could become a problem to the homeowner. Without addressing the situation, one could soon expect to begin hearing noises of pattering feet, scratching, and even fighting sounds inside the walls or attic of the house. This leads to the possibility of serious damage to the home. You may even notice holes under the soffits or in the siding of the house from squirrels chewing to gain access inside.

Squirrels can get inside the attic and begin chewing through walls, disturbing insulation, damaging drywall, and chewing into wiring. This, of course, greatly increases the risk of fire from shorted out wiring. It is never safe to try and remove wildlife on your own. The most successful and safest approach is to contact Big Blue Bug Solutions and ask about our pest control services. We have been providing pest control services throughout New England for more than 75 years. That is a lot of experience dealing with pests, including squirrels! Our highly trained professionals will be able to eradicate the problem of squirrel infestation and implement wildlife proofing materials to prevent future wildlife problems from occurring.