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Termite Warning For Massachusetts
swarming termites

Are you aware that there is a termite season here in Massachusetts? Yup. Termites don't really hibernate, per se. These insects simply go into a low-energy state during the cold months, if they aren't lucky enough to build their nests in soil that stays warm all winter long. What does this mean? It means that they aren't on an internal hibernation clock. They're just waiting for nature to tell them to get busy again. When the snow melts and the ground softens, you can be sure that those termites will know it. And when they do, the first thing they're going to do is spread.

Why do termites spread in spring? When a termite colony reaches maturity, it begins to create male and female reproductives whose sole purpose is to help the colony spread. That can make for a pretty cramped nest. When the ground softens and warms, those winged reproductives are ready to take to the air.

How do I protect my Massachusetts home from termites? Through a little something called natural selection. No, we're not talking about the theory of evolution. Those termites are going to select a home to feed on; it's only natural. Your job should be to make your home and property less attractive.

  • If you have areas in your yard that collect water, look into preventing this. Termites will be drawn in by damp soil.
  • If you have broken or obstructed gutters, get them fixed. When water runs down your walls it can cause wood to decay. Softwood is appetizing to the type of termites that are most destructive here in our state.
  • If you have areas of your home that touch the ground, this is sure to catch the eye of those little home wreckers.
  • If you have mulch that is touching your exterior walls, you'll be providing the perfect conditions for invading termites.
  • If you have rotted wood in your home, it should be replaced or protected.

These tips can make termite swarmers choose another home to feed on, but they are not guaranteed to work. Sometimes termites come no matter how unattractive a home is. If you want complete protection from termites, you're going to need the help of a professional.

For termite protection in Massachusetts, you can count on Big Blue Bug Solutions, not just because we have a giant termite on our roof, but because we have 80 years of experience fighting pests that destroy homes, and we back our termite service with one of the best termite warranties in the industry. When termite season hits, make sure your property is protected with termite service you can trust.