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Top 5 Springtime Pests In Maine

house fly on picnic table

Comedian Jeff Foxworthy once described the four seasons of Canada as, "Almost winter, winter, still winter, and road construction." The same can be said of Maine. Although some would find a way to throw black fly season in there as well. Only in Maine could "black fly" be a season. But spring has sprung and we Mainers take full advantage of this time of year when the snow is behind us and the summer fun is just around the corner. While you're out in the yard, getting the twigs cleaned up, here are 5 pests you might want to look for.


Yes. We have termites in Maine. They are the subterranean kind. And, when temperatures warm up, you may see the signs. Swarmers take to the air and begin looking for new areas to make nests. If you see black insects with white wings, you should definitely stop and take note.

Carpenter Ants

In a state that burns a lot of wood, carpenter ants thrive. But left untreated, they can bore galleries through the wood on your property and create damage that is hard to fix. In the spring, this insect will often produce swarmers, just like those termites. When you find winged ants crawling around on the inside windows of your home, don't just vacuum them up and consider the problem fixed. Swarmers inside your home is a warning sign that you have a mature nest somewhere in your wall voids.

Bed Bugs

What? Are bed bugs a spring pest? You betcha! This is a hitchhiking bug that usually comes home with folks after holidays and vacations. If you picked bed bugs up, now is the time you're really going to start noticing them. Do a quick inspection of all your mattresses and sheets to see if you have black streaks, blood staining, shed insect casings, or these bugs, crawling around.


When things warm up, you're going to start seeing flies. What most people don't know is that flies can lead to illness in a home. If you're seeing these spring pests around, you should take measures to control them.


Lyme disease is not something you ever want to have. When you're outside doing spring cleaning, make sure to check yourself for ticks when you come back in. It takes 24 to 48 hours for Lyme disease to transfer from a tick, so you can prevent this transfer by removing them promptly.

If you need help protecting your Maine home from spring pests, give us a call or drop us a line through our web page. Big Blue Bug Solutions has the expertise to keep your Maine home safe from pests of all shapes and sizes. Well, except for those black flies. That is a pest we just have to deal with.