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Bed Bugs In South Portland Maine?

bed bug crawling on bed

If you think it is too cold for bed bugs to live in South Portland, Maine, then you don't know bed bugs very well. These are pests that dwell almost entirely inside. And, being an "inside" bug, they can be found in all 50 states, including Alaska. In fact, these apple-seed-sized insects are increasing on a worldwide level. Experts believe it is because of an increase in world travel and that these are a hitchhiking bug. It may also have a lot to do with the fact that these pests breed like crazy. A bulletin from the Department of Health and Social Services of Alaska warns that "once at home in a new spot, they double in population every 16 days."

What can Mainers do to protect themselves from bed bugs?

  • Be aware of what these pests look like. Wherever you are, it is important to know a bed bug when you see it. By recognizing these pests, you can take measures to prevent them from coming home with you.
  • Be aware of what bed bug bites look like. They can seem like mosquito bites, but there are two notable differences. Bed bug bites often have a rash around them, and they will usually appear in a line or cluster.
  • Be aware of what bed bug infestations smell like. If you are lying in a bed, sitting in a chair, or lounging on a couch that has a faint odor of dirty, wet towel, you might want to do a quick inspection.
  • Be aware that bed bugs don't just live in hotels and motels. They have been found infesting public transportation and public venues. You need to be aware of bed bugs in buses, trains, airplanes, taxi cabs and other forms of transit, as well as movie theaters, libraries, and other places people sit.
  • Be aware that these bugs can come into your home on other people. If your kids have recently had a slumber party or you have had a relative stay the night, be sure to wash and dry all bedding and sheets on the hottest temperature. Heat will kill bed bugs in all stages of development. It is also a good idea to use a flashlight to do an inspection of guest areas, for added protection.
  • Be aware that bed bugs can be in the cleanest place and on the cleanest people. They aren't drawn to filth. They are drawn to blood; which is why they can be found infesting 5-star luxury hotels and cruise ships.

When an infestation occurs, be aware that Big Blue Bug Solutions is now in South Portland, Maine and that we service much of Southern Maine. When these blood eating pests strike, Big Blue Bug Solutions has the bed bug control solution for you.