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All About Moles

mole hole in a backyard

Moles are definitely a problem. A really big problem from such a cute little rodent! These tiny little scavengers can wreak havoc on our lawns and in our gardens without much effort at all. In fact, a single mole will typically dig 150 feet of new tunnels a day – sometimes more. All of that tunneling causes damage to the root systems of grass, flowers, and vegetables causing them to turn brown and die. When moles are present, it is not uncommon to see linear pathways of brown dying grass throughout your lawn and increasing numbers of plants succumbing to the lack of nutrients caused by the damage done to their roots.

So, why are moles such an issue in your yard? Well, the loam we use in our gardens and for our lawns is not only rich in nutrients and helps our lawns to be lush and green and our gardens to produce amazing flowers and vegetables, but loam serves as an inviting host to grubs and earthworms; both of which are tasty meals for moles. While moles are foraging for dinner they dig through new areas of dirt inadvertently causing damage to roots. Unlike the damage done by gophers (who eat the roots of plants), the damage that moles inflict to plants is merely collateral damages done in the mole’s search for grubs and worms.

You may have noticed the damage that moles are doing to your yard and thought, “Yeah, but it is August,and winter is just around the corner. I don’t have to worry about those moles. I’ll just sit back and wait for the cold of winter to do its job and take care of those moles for me.” While this plan may work for some creatures, it’s definitely not going to work for your moles. These creatures are not bothered by winter cold. They simply dig a bit deeper into the ground. More importantly, contrary to popular belief, moles do not hibernate. They continue their foraging and digging and reproduction throughout the entire year. That’s 365 days a year of digging at least 150 feet of new tunnels per mole! You do the math!

Look at it this way. On the one hand, moles are a sign that you have a healthy lawn or garden with plenty of great soil; but on the other hand, these destructive pests will cause costly damages. Don’t let moles destroy your beautiful lush, green lawn that you have poured so much time and sweat into. Partner with the mole experts at Big Blue Bug Solutions and let us help you keep that perfectly groomed landscape intact.

If you notice the damages that moles leave behind and live in our service area of Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and now Maine, check us out.

Here at Big Blue Bug Solutions, we have experts that know how to find those moles and safely eliminate them. One call is all it takes and we will have your solution to moles.