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How Much Wood Could A Woodchuck Chuck?

woodchuck under a home in rhode island

Surely you've heard the rhyme:

How much wood could a woodchuck chuck,

If a woodchuck could chuck wood?

He'd chuck all the wood that a woodchuck could,

If a woodchuck could chuck wood!

But the question shouldn't be, "How much wood can he chuck?" And what exactly is chucking, at least pertaining to a woodchuck? A better and more realistic question is, "How can I get rid of these woodchucks on my property?"

Having a woodchuck, or a groundhog, as they are also called, is not fun. The movie Groundhog Day, where Bill Murray's character tries to drive Punxsutawney Phil off a cliff, is not so far fetched. Many homeowners, dealing with these exacerbating rodents, would gladly do such a thing if given the chance! Here are a few reasons woodchucks drive homeowners crazy:

  • Woodchucks love to chew down your precious sunflowers, leaving only short stems and dead flowers lying on the ground.
  • Woodchucks eat tomatoes, cabbages, and other vegetables that you work so hard to grow.
  • Woodchucks also like to chew on grass and ornamental shrubs.
  • Woodchucks are known to tunnel underneath foundations and this can affect structures, warping sheds, barns and even decks.

So what can you do to try to keep woodchucks off your property?

If you are dealing with woodchucks, the first thing you'll want to do is remove the things in your yard that are attracting them. Here are some common attractants and some prevention tips:

  • Make sure there is no water for them to drink.
  • Fill in areas that are wet, and get rid of any toys, clutter, or decorative items that hold water.
  • Make sure your lawn is trimmed and weeds are removed. Woodchucks love hiding in overgrown areas.
  • Consider putting wire fencing around your gardens. Just make sure it goes down at least one foot into the ground. This will prevent these animals from simply burrowing underneath the fence.
  • You may also want to consider giving a woodchuck a food source specifically for them, far away from your home and garden. If the animal has some clover or alfalfa to feast on, they may be satisfied, and stay away from your tomatoes.

While doing the above may deter woodchucks from harassing you, the only sure way to get rid of them is with a professional pest control company. Here at Big Blue Bug Solutions, we not only deal with bugs but with wildlife and rodents as well.

So, how much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? The answer is NONE, if you don't have any woodchucks around! Don't let woodchucks chuck wood, or do any of the other destructive, annoying things they do around your property. Give Big Blue Bug Solutions a call, and get rid of that wood-chucking rodent once and for all! You'll be glad you did.