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Commercial Drain Cleaning Is Vital To Businesses In South Portland

floor drain in a south portland me business

If you own a business in South Portland, you know how hard it can be to keep everything running right. If the business you own works with food, it is even more difficult. The last thing you need is unexpected repair costs, leaking, or flooding on top of all the other problems you're chasing down. Here are a few ways the commercial drain cleaning division of Big Blue Bug Solutions can help your South Portland business.

Prevent Damage

If you work with food, we don't have to tell you what fats, oils, and grease can do to your drainage lines. You've probably dealt with a blockage at some point. But, those blockages can lead to a damaged pipe system. And, fixing damaged pipes can add up to a lot of money and frustration.


When drains get backed up, you might find yourself walking around in dirty water or, worse, your entire operation could come to a screeching halt. But, with commercial drain cleaning services you don't have to worry about that.


When drains get clogged, or organic material collects in drains, they can become a breeding site for pests. There are many bugs that breed in drains. The most pernicious are flies. And, flies can create all kinds of problems for a business that deals with food. At worst, they can cause issues with a governmental inspection. At best, they are an irritation in the kitchen, and can potentially drive customers to eat somewhere else if they see them crawling and buzzing around everywhere in the dining area. Nothing says, "This restaurant is unclean," like flies can.

Foul Odors

When drains start to clog and organic material starts to build up, it can lead to unwanted smells. The bioremediation methods we use, take care of the blockages and address the foul odors as well.

When your drains are running smoothly, it will keep your business running smoothly. Don't let clogged drains create unnecessary frustration and unneeded expenses. The commercial drain cleaning services from Big Blue Bug Solutions will keep things flowing the way they should through the use of bioremediation products. Bioremediation uses naturally occurring organisms to eat unwanted organic material. Not only are these products safe for the environment, they are extraordinarily effective and breaking down organic material, grease, and fat.

When it comes to running a business in South Portland, you have enough to worry about. Reach out to us and schedule a meeting or line up a service visit today. Commercial drain cleaning is just one more way Big Blue is helping businesses in South Portland keep things running right.