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Keep Spiders From Invading Your South Portland Home

house spider on a carpet in ri home

For most of us our first thought upon seeing a spider is not, “How can I make that little creature more comfortable and help her find a nice, secluded corner in my home to lay her eggs”; and yet it may surprise you to hear that this is exactly what many of us unintentionally do. We often do not take the time to secure our homes by filling all the cracks and gaps that we can in our foundations, around windows and doors, and around utility entrances. We often forget to cap chimneys and to contract with a trusted pest control company for quarterly services to place a barrier of protection around our homes that will keep pests like spiders out and we forget to think about pests when we plan to build our new homes or when we purchase an existing one.

Well, make those mistakes no longer. Let’s begin our new pest awareness quest with some basic insights into their world. There are some general truths about pests that will fit no matter which one you are looking at, but we are going to focus on the spider. The greatest need of a spider is to find a nice, quiet space to hang a web in order to capture a food source. It helps if that space is protected from the elements, and it doesn’t hurt if it is warm. Many times, spiders will exploit a crack or a crevice in your home’s foundation and will move in and set up shop. The first take away when you think about this is that your home has breeches that pests can utilize. The second take away should be that there must be other pests already in your home that spiders plan on using as a food source.

Here in South Portland, there is another truth to consider. While those spiders may very well have been in your home for a while and have only recently grown to the size that allowed you to notice them, many spiders are currently searching for a place to hang out and hang up their egg sacks for the winter months. When they find that space inside your home, you have hundreds of tiny little spiders to look forward to next spring. Not a pleasant thought!

This is where the pest experts at Big Blue Bug Solutions come in. We can protect your South Portland home from spiders and from the more harmful and damaging pests that are drawing those spiders in. Not only can we utilize our industry-leading, comprehensive year-round pest control plans, but we can also implement integrated pest management strategies and exclusion techniques that will help you to seal the gaps in your home and to eliminate any conditions in and around your property that are luring pests in, in the first place.

When keeping pests like spiders from spending the winter in your South Portland home is important to you, turn to the name that thousands of your friends and neighbors in Maine and throughout New England have trusted for more than 80 years to protect their homes from nuisance, harmful, and damaging pests. Big Blue Bug Solutions; we have your safe, effective pest control solutions waiting for you.