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Goodwill Goes A Long Way

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One of the most powerful tools to grow a business is through word-of-mouth advertising. It matters what people say about you. If you own a restaurant, you want people to say, "I've eaten there a bunch of times and it has always been good." If you own a retail store, you want people to say, "That's where I go. They always treat me right." When you have a great product, it goes a long way to helping you get the word out about your business.

This type of advertising has been capitalized on by business owners for centuries. In growing cities throughout England, bakery stores used to send people out into the town center to give samples away. This was a great way to get the word out. Not only did folks get a chance to taste the product, they were also grateful that it was free.

Some stores still do this today. They give away free samples to increase awareness for certain quality products. But also, to build goodwill with their customers. After all, which business are you more likely to go to? You're going to prefer the one that gives you tasty, free treats, right?

Mosquito services work a lot like this. What? Mosquito services? What does that have anything to do with giving away free food? You would actually be surprised.

Goodwill comes in many forms. Many companies build goodwill by showing how they give back to their community. They will announce that they donate a portion of their proceeds to cure cancer, or that they help to spay and neuter the pet population (yes, we did just make a Price is a Right reference). Successful businesses know that goodwill directly affects revenue.

With Zika virus in the national news every week, and many people thinking about this scary mosquito-threat, now is the time to get mosquito services for your business, and let the whole world know you're doing it. If there are portions of your business where customers are outside, not only will you be creating a nicer, safer environment for your customers, you'll be building goodwill. Posting the fact that your business takes part in mosquito reduction is like saying, "We care about pregnant woman and unborn babies." Who wouldn't love you for that!

Build some goodwill for your business by taking part in mosquito abatement. Not only is it the frontline defense the CDC suggests for the prevention of mosquito-borne viruses, it is also a great way to reduce these irritating little pests. That will make you and your employees happier too. Get started today, by contacting the experts here at Big Blue Bug, and see what a difference mosquito services can make.