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5 Things You Should Know About Yellow Jackets In South Portland

yellow jacket up close

Maine is called vacationland for a reason. It is beautiful in Maine during the summer; and, if you are a Mainer, there is a good chance you're going to take full advantage of those warm summer days. Whether you go out somewhere in the Maine woods or just hang out in your backyard, yellow jackets can be an issue. Here are 5 things you should know about yellow jackets if you live in South Portland.

  1. Yellow jackets sometimes live in the ground. You've probably seen a paper wasp nest somewhere on your house, garage, or shed this year. You probably even knocked one or two down. But yellow jacket nests can be found in some pretty strange places. One of these places is the ground. That's right. Yellow jackets can live in holes which can make an encounter with them quite unexpected. If you're walking in the woods and get off the trail, one wrong step could have you surrounded by these scary little buggers. If you're mowing your lawn, the vibration could be enough to have you swarmed in seconds.
  2. Yellow jackets are aggressive insects. If you're wondering if these wasps are more aggressive than other wasps, wonder no more. Yellow jackets are a social wasp, and fiercely territorial. Not only will these wasps swarm, they will pursue a threat for several yards--even around obstacles. And don't even think about jumping into some water to avoid getting stung. Yellow jackets can wait longer than you can hold your breath.
  3. Yellow jackets can sting several times. Unlike bees, these bad boys don't lose their stinger when they sting. When they attack, they hold on and sting multiple times. And they can hold on quite well. That is why people who have been attacked by a swarm of yellow jackets find them inside their clothing.
  4. You aren't the only one in danger of being attacked by yellow jackets. If you have a nest near your property or on your property, children and pets are usually the first to find out about them. They are the explorers of the home.
  5. Yellow jacket prevention is part of a good pest control plan. When you take the initiative to protect your home with a residential pest control plan, the pest experts here at Big Blue Bug Solutions will actively find and remove yellow jacket nests during routine visits. This is real peace of mind.

Don't let yellow jackets take you, your family, or your pets, by surprise. Consider ongoing protection from this and over 30 other invasive pests such as carpenter ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, mice, and skunks.

When you're ready for a quality of life upgrade, give us a call, and we'll help you set up a plan that is perfect for your South Portland home.