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Do You Have Moles?
mole digging up lawn

We're not talking about the good kind of moles, the kind you might see on the upper lip of a beauty queen; we're talking about the not-so-good kind that likes to destroy Rhode Island lawns. Have you seen the signs of tunneling on your property? Does your lawn have a lightning-bolt-looking patch of dead grass running through it? Can you see the ground pushed up in what looks like multiple tunnels? Or maybe there is a pile of dirt next to your fence that looks like a volcano. If you are seeing these signs, there is a good chance you have been invaded by moles.

What do moles look like?

These cute little lawn destroyers are a dark brown or gray color and are about 7 inches long. They have long noses, tiny eyes, smiling mouths, and oversized paws that are ideal for tunneling. Their fingers are big and white and have long, straight, sharp, scary-looking claws attached. But chances are you won't ever be scared by those claws because moles rarely come above ground.

What are moles looking for in my lawn?

Moles are in constant motion, digging up lawns because they need to eat almost their entire body weight every day! And what exactly do they eat? Mostly earthworms. But also grubs. And while searching for this food, a mole can dig up to 100 feet of new tunnels in one day!

Some do-it-yourself methods of mole removal that do not work.

  • Flooding their tunnels with a garden hose. An actual flood will certainly make moles move, but pumping water into their holes will do nothing to solve your mole problem. In fact, it may just make them dig more tunnels.
  • Shoving mothballs down into the holes. While moles do not like mothballs, this won't do much to deter them. It will, however, stink up your yard.
  • Pouring gasoline down the holes. This is never a good idea. Ever.
  • Using poisons from a bait company. Be aware that these mole poisons are generally ineffective because moles typically will not eat it.
  • Shooting the moles. Even if you're a really good shot, you're likely to end up frustrated.

One method of mole removal that DOES work.

If a mole infestation is left unchecked, moles will continue, unhindered, to destroy your lawn. And the more destruction they leave in their wake, the harder it will be to repair the damage. If you need moles removed, don't fool around, reach out to the Rhode Island wildlife control professionals here at Big Blue Bug Solutions. No pest problem is a problem for Big Blue, call or click today.