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Silverfish: Not Just A Springtime Problem

silverfish on ri kitchen counter

During the spring and summer months here in Rhode Island, pests like silverfish, mosquitoes, bees, and yellow jackets appear and continue to grow in number throughout the season. When fall arrives, many of these pests either die off or hibernate and will re-emerge and continue this cycle the following spring; but this is not the case with all pests. Silverfish, for example, can grow and thrive year-round once they find an entrance into your home.

While you may not notice these silvery, slimy-looking pests much during the fall and winter months, it is not because they are not there. Silverfish are shy, elusive creatures that prefer to roam the walls and halls of your home at night when things are quiet and dark. True, you may find an occasional dead silverfish in the way back of your pan cupboard inside the old pie tin that you haven’t used since last holiday season, or inside the tub in the guest bathroom that hasn’t been used since last Christmas when Aunt Sue came to visit, but you typically just think of these as isolated incidences rather than the warning sign that they are.

It is true that silverfish pose no threat to you or your family directly. They do not bite and they do not transmit diseases to people but that is not to say that you can just let them live rent-free inside your home. Silverfish will damage clothing, books, paper, and wallpaper. They will also contaminate food sources and create yellow stains on furniture, clothing, and carpets. However, the presence of silverfish can be an indicator of a much more serious issue.

First and foremost, you must realize that silverfish love moisture. In fact, without moisture, they would quickly die. If you are seeing signs of silverfish in your home, it is a direct indicator that there is a moisture problem present. Perhaps it is as simple as some leaking pipes the ring beneath your toilet needs to be replaced, or it could be as serious as a mold issue. Either way, your attention to this early warning sign is warranted. The other thought that should be considered is that if silverfish have found an entry into your home, then it stands to reason that other pests, perhaps some that are far more destructive or dangerous, have also exploited those same entry points and moved in as well.

If you are noticing silverfish or other pests inside your Rhode Island home, it is time to contact the pest professionals here at Big Blue Bug Solutions. Our trained and certified experts know how to look for bugs and their signs and can quickly identify the presence of silverfish in your home. They can identify the conditions that have lured these pests in and find the entry points that they exploited to gain access. When you partner with us for year-round pest control services we will deal with all of these areas of concern, and eliminate pests from your home for good!

Don’t be fooled into thinking, “Fall has arrived here in Rhode Island, so all of my pest concerns are over,” when, in fact, they may only be just beginning. Protect your home and your family from the damage of silverfish and the dangers of much more worrisome pests with help from the experts here at Big Blue Bug.