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Bed Bugs In South Portland

bed bug on a carpet in a portland maine home

Have you noticed them? They are here in South Portland, Maine, and in every other city across the country. You may have seen them in the seam of your bus seat. They may be hiding in the taxi cab you are trying to hail. They may have crawled onto your pant leg or shoe while you were riding in the plane, or they may have climbed into your purse or computer bag as you sat at the library reading that book. Perhaps you picked them up while you were trying on that new pair of jeans at the mall or while sitting in the waiting room at the hospital or doctor’s office. These dreaded creatures are lurking everywhere, and you need to be on guard.

Inevitably, you or someone you love will be affected by these tiny little elusive bugs. What are these little nemeses of which I speak? Bed bugs! Don’t be fooled by their name, bed bugs can be literally everywhere. They do not just inhabit beds and they are not just found in hotels, motels, and dorms. These pests are sneaky and elusive, and they will hitchhike unseen from place to place quite easily. Once you (or someone else) unknowingly introduce them into your home, these pests go right to work.

They will hide out in the most ridiculous places and begin to multiply. They will crawl deep inside wall voids and hide in the seams of your living room sofa. They will crawl into the tiny holes on the side of your television set and into the side of your laptop. They will scurry behind your electrical outlets and hide in picture frames that are hanging on your wall; and, yes, they will invade your bed and hide in the seams or exploit that tiny tear under your box spring and climb deep inside. They will come out from time to time to feed on your blood, but they are able to go for long periods of time without eating, so at first, you will hardly even know that they are there.

You may notice a few bites from time to time, but you initially will blame those bites on mosquitoes or spiders. Your first thought will definitely not be ‘bed bug’. Over time, as the bed bugs reproduce and their numbers within your home begin to swell; you may begin to see multiple bites in groupings or linear fashion. This is when the thought ‘bed bug’ may start to sink in. Your next thought will be to run to the big box store to grab a can of spray to deal with your problem, but that will really be of little use.

DIY methods for bed bugs truly may kill a few of those bugs – the ones that you can see, at least; and those sticky tapes that you can place around the bottom edge of your bed may, indeed, catch a few. However, none of the methods that you can purchase to do yourself will penetrate deep inside your walls, inside your television or computer, or even come close to touching the bugs that have crawled into your electrical outlets. Killing a few of these horrible pests is not the goal; you must eliminate them all or you will just be on an endless cycle of infestation.

If, or should I say ‘when’, you encounter bed bugs in your South Portland home or business, the safest thing for you to do is to contact the bed bug specialists here at Big Blue Bug Solutions. Our professionals have the tools and the latest technologies that work to penetrate even the most inaccessible spaces within your home to reach the heart of your bed bug infestation and eliminate it completely. Our heat treatments, for example, will penetrate walls, closets, bureaus, furniture, and electronics – reaching even the hardest and deepest spots where these pests hide. Of course to safely heat your property to the appropriate temperature to eradicate bed bugs in all stages of their life cycle takes the knowledge of a trained professional and the proper heat and monitoring equipment; but when done correctly by an experienced specialist like those here at Big Blue Bug Solutions, heat treatments are safe, effective, and environmentally friendly. We also offer conventional treatments and encasements.

Don’t let bed bugs bite in your South Portland home when Big Blue Bug Solutions is right here with the safe and effective treatments for bed bugs that work. Give us a call today to discuss which treatments will work to safely and discreetly eliminate bed bugs from your home.