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Chipmunks Invading South Portland Homes
chipmunk looking for way into home

Chipmunks are adorable. There is no denying it. Those tiny little reddish rodents with the white and black stripe down their backs scamper to and fro across your backyard in a seemingly endless pursuit of fun. You typically don’t see a lone chipmunk because they are very social and love to frolic together. They seem to play tag and hide n’ go seek and many other joy-filled games. There is just something mesmerizing about them. You could just stand in your living room window sipping coffee watching those sweet faces all day. That is until they disappear!

That’s when your mind begins to churn into action. Wait, weren’t they just tumbling about near your home? So where did they go? Curious, you set your coffee on the end table near the couch, pull on your boots, wrap that scarf around your neck and head out the back door. You carefully search your yard trying to catch a glimpse of that precious little rodent. Where could he have gone? You walk around the back of your home and a small glint of reddish coloring catches your eye. You look up to where you noticed that gleam in your peripheral vision just in time to see that chipmunk scurry into what seems to be a tiny hole in the corner of your rooftop.

As you stand there with your mouth dropped open staring at the little black spot at your roofline that you never noticed before, it all begins to slowly sink in. Those adorable creatures don’t seem as adorable as the reality sets in that they have been living rent free in your home. They probably helped themselves to that tote of clothes you have stored up in the attic, too – and to the trail mix in the corner of the shelf in the pantry! Then you begin to think about the fact that rodents have parasites. Lots of parasites – like fleas and ticks and mites – and they don’t just check them at the door. In fact, they most likely invited those tiny little germ-ridden creatures into your home with them. Yup, the full force of what has happened hits you like a ton of bricks. Your home is not only hosting chipmunks, but it has also been invaded by parasites and contaminated by the diseases they carry, and where have those chipmunks been going to the bathroom?

How on earth are you going to evict these creatures? You know that it is never a good idea to corner wildlife – especially inside the confined crawl spaces in your attic; but if you live in South Portland, Maine, then this story will have a very happy ending. Big Blue Bug Solutions has the chipmunk solutions for you. Our wildlife specialists can safely eliminate those chipmunks from your home, clean up their nesting sites, decontaminate the infested area, and help you to install exclusion methods to prevent a reinfestation.

Wild animals are just that – wild! Chipmunks fall into this category. Why allow chipmunks to live in your South Portland home and bring all of those unwanted parasites with them when Big Blue Bug Solutions is just a call away.