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Why Buy Termite Prevention Services?


Now that the weather has gotten warmer, folks all over New England are making their way outside and getting to some of those chores that have been piling up all winter long. Spring cleaning projects in the house, in the garage, and in the yard are priority number one for many of us in the early days of spring. Most are focused on what they can see like storage areas, molding leaves, and sticks in the yard that are remnants from fall and the snowy winter. Who doesn’t like to start the season with fresh, clean, and decluttered surroundings?

While we are all taking care of a year’s worth of clutter, termites are also on the move this time of the year. A homeowner, intent on sprucing up the yard, may barely notice the swarming of what looks like flying ants in the yard. There is a good chance that these are not ants at all, but termites that have left their winter home because their nest has gotten too full and are on the move looking for a new nesting spot. These are not fussy creatures. They are perfectly content with either an old log on the ground, a damaged tree limb, or a nearby dwelling. And that is when they become a problem.

Termites have often been called the silent destroyer. They quietly move in under shingles and siding to the wooden beams that support the structure of the home. From there, they quickly get to work making their new home a hospitable place for generations of new termites by building their nest, breeding with their new queen who lays her eggs to expand her new colony, and eating. These tiny pests eat through anything containing cellulose, which means pretty much every product used in building materials like wood, insulation, wallpaper glue, and drywall.

Termites work from the inside out. They generally start with the structure of your home, but as the colony expands over time, they will eventually cause damage that a homeowner can see. It might be discoloration and tunnels that no one noticed earlier on exposed beams or cabinets. It could also manifest in discolored areas on the ceiling or walls that look like water damage from a heavy rainstorm or leaking pipes. Many times, someone has called in a roofer when what they needed was an exterminator. These damages can add up to thousands of dollars in repairs all before the homeowner even realizes that they have a problem.

The good news is that you do not have to let this happen to you. The best way to avoid termite damage is to prevent termites from getting into your home in the first place. That is where Big Blue Bug Solutions comes in. Big Blue Bug Solutions has a termite prevention plan just for you. Our experienced technicians know just what to look for to make sure that a termite colony has not already found a home within your walls and then work with the homeowner to select the best course of action to remove the threat and prevent new ones from getting in. Act now to protect your investment, or spend a small fortune later to repair the damage termites leave behind.