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Scary Centipedes

centipede crawling up wall

Okay. Let's be honest. We're okay with anything that has two legs--for the most part. Four legs are fine too. In fact, some of us probably prefer things with four legs, especially if it is domesticated and sleep at the foot of our bed. Six legs, yeah, not so much. Definitely not if those six legs allow the critter to climb the wall and run across the ceiling at full speed--that's right cockroaches, we're looking at you. Eight legs? We have one word. Spider. Need we say more? It isn't a perfect science, and we're not trying to imply that it is, but the number of legs does seem to correlate to how creepy or scary a bug is. It doesn't, however, correlate to how creepy or scary the bug "actually" is.

If you're finding centipedes in your home, you're probably not happy about it. These are scary bugs that look like they belong in the home of someone who lives on the third planet of another solar system, not here on Earth. So, when we see these disgusting creatures skittering around, it can be disturbing. Fortunately, the centipedes we deal with in our service area are mostly harmless. They rarely bite. They are not known to spread diseases or harmful bacteria. And, they don't damage homes or belongings. But that doesn't mean you want them lying at the foot of your bed. They're gross.

If you live in our New England service area, we have good news for you; centipedes are just one of the many pest critters we take care of as part of our year-round pest control service. We deal with the four-legged pests, like mice and rats that spread disease and harmful bacteria as they chew holes in manmade structures. We deal with six-legged pests, like roaches, wasps, clothing moths, and ants, that can spread illness, cause bites, ruin belongings, and damage property. We deal with the eight-legged pests, like spiders and ticks, that can cause medically important bites and, as ticks are concerned, Lyme disease can be a factor.

No matter how many legs your pests have, the team here at Big Blue Bug Solutions can help. We employ career-minded pest specialists who are educated in pest entomology and modern pest protocols and are equipped with the tools and products necessary to protect your home, your family, and your four-legged loved ones. For effective pest management, you can trust us, reach out to us at Big Blue Bug Solutions, and let's get your pest plan in place. Centipedes may not be dangerous here in New England, but there are plenty of other pests that are. With year-round pest service from Big Blue Bug Solutions, you don't have to worry about any of them.