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Oh The Weather Outside Isn't Frightful…

mouse hiding in basement

But the mice are still insightful. Do you believe this? Are mice intelligent? Well, it would appear to be so. See, we humans are inclined to think that once the weather warms up, mice that have been overwintering in our homes will pack up and move back outside because that's where mice belong. Right? Wrong. Mice, once they are established with a comfy little nest, are more than happy to stay put. Perhaps they know that the cold weather will eventually return, so why bother moving? If they stay put, they can still go outside as much as they want or need to, but the home base will stay the same.

Now this may be all well and good for those mice, but if you would rather not have mice living inside your home, you might want to change a few things. Here are some reasons why mice are sticking around inside your house:

You Are Feeding Them

Why would mice want to move out when they can get all the food they need right in your kitchen or pantry? To discourage mice from staying, carefully clean all areas in your home where food particles may be present. It doesn't take much of a crumb to feed a mouse, so be thorough, and don't forget areas such as underneath the refrigerator, inside the toaster, and between the stove and counter. You may also want to put dishes in a sink of soapy water instead of in a dry stack by the sink, and make sure all your food is either stored in the freezer or in sturdy containers that mice cannot chew through. And remember that pet food is just as good as people's food for mice. Only put your pet's food down at mealtimes, otherwise, keep it up off the floor and in a sealed container.

You Give Them A Drink

Mice don't need a whole lot of water to survive. One leaky faucet, a sweaty pipe or toilet, or perhaps a pet water bowl, will provide enough water for mice. Make sure all leaks and moist areas in your home are repaired and dry out humid areas with fans or dehumidifiers. Also, be conscious that water outside your house will draw mice and other pests closer. Check your gutters and be sure they are unclogged and working properly. And remove any water sources from around your home and yard.

You Are Giving Them A Place To Stay Cozy

As mentioned above, mice will be happy to stick around if they have a nice warm nest to come home to. In order to eliminate these nests, it is wise to partner with a pest control company. The experts know how to locate, and properly dispose of, mice nests. Be aware that mouse droppings and urine can contain harmful bacteria that can cause health issues if not handled properly.

If you need help getting rid of mice from your South Portland home, and help keeping them out, reach out to Big Blue Bug Solutions today. We are standing by to help.