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Five Interesting Facts About Moles

mole digging hole in lawn

Moles are small pests that can become a huge nuisance for homeowners to have to deal with. Their constant tunneling underneath lawns and fields can cause extensive damage to the roots of grass and other plants; they leave behind unsightly mounds and create golf ball sized openings all over the lawns that they are invading. Moles can be a bit of a mystery as these solitary insectivores are rarely if ever seen by people, this is because they spend their whole lives underneath of the ground. To alleviate some of the mystery behind these pests, the professionals at Big Blue Bug Solutions have put together a list of interesting facts about these highly destructive pests!

Five Interesting Facts About Moles

  • Moles are found on every continent except for Antarctica and South America. They do not hibernate, moles work year-round tunneling and hunting for their prey. During the winter season, they will tunnel down deep below the frost.
  • When moles catch their prey (earthworms), they will paralyze it with a toxin and store it in the underground larders that they have created. There may be hundreds of earthworms stored for later consumption. Before consuming the earthworm they will squeeze out the dirt and soil from their bodies.
  • Moles eat their body weight in earthworms each day; that equals out to be over 50 pounds of worms per year. Also, if accessible they will happily dine on insect larvae and slugs.
  • Moles have very poor eyesight and are color blind; however, despite what most people believe, they are not completely blind. Their very small eyes are covered in fur and are hard to locate. They use a specialized scent sensor on the tip of their nose to locate their prey.
  • Moles have specially designed curved front paws and claws; they use their unique appendages as a sort of shovel to create their long tunnels and underground homes with. Moles have the ability to dig up to 18 feet in one hour.

The unfortunate thing about moles is that homeowners who take the time to ensure that their lawn is healthy and green are the same homeowners that are most susceptible to being invaded by moles. Moles typically like to choose lawns that have loose, moist soil, which allows them to dig easily. If moles have found their way onto your property contact the mole control experts at Big Blue Bug Solutions; we will have your property mole-free in no time.